Post your covers! (2024)

The guitarist has a freakin’ Quad Cortex, I’m very jealous!!! But not jealous enough to drop £1,500 for one! :rofl:

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How are you generating the thumbnails for YouTube? They’re cool!


Ahh yeah ok they are set then.

You should just run through theirs too! They have multiple channels.


Thanks TMB!

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This might be a good fit for you then. The MoMix. It’s the same as the Roland GoMixer Pro X but much more robust. Plug straight in to iphone and record.

JOYO Audio Mixer USB Audio Interface Stereo XLR+48V Phantom Power Mixer for Live Streaming Recording Podcasting Plug & Play (MOMIX PRO)


Hey buddy, yea man I downloaded an app called FOTOR. It’s got a few free choices in there. The one I use is called pencil drawing. I try and add any words or whatever when I do the initial edit then send that to FOTOR for the artsy transformation.


…and the listening party continues…

@Ant Alice In Chains - Over Now
Said it before and I’ll say it again - get yourself a damn band - and hope they can keep up with you.

@RolandDehli Song: Flying
Artist: Nice Little Penguins
I really like this song, and you did a great job.
A tune like this requires perfect timing, and you have it.

@sunDOG Queen - We Will Rock You (fast version)
IMO - every Queen song is an awesome song.
Great job again, no clue I wasn’t hearing the original

@BumbleJazz Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Always excited when I see you post a cover.
Like the new bass! and you did a great job on this tune.

@JerryP The Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
So when are you doing a metal cover dude? :upside_down_face:
Nice to see you home for a minute.
Nice playing, and nice visuals.
Chugging kept the tune rolling along.

@cheeze_pizza Mayer Hawthorne - Standby
I am gonna need to buy this album by the time you are done.
Hello '70s R&B awesomeness.
Nice laid back groove you laid down here, just right.

@faydout Blur - The Universal
It is very clear to me that there is a ton of music out there that this forum listens to that I ahve never heard before. I forgot I was listening to a cover, and was only focused on the song! Well done!

@fennario Robert Earl Keen - Feelin’ Good Again
well that is one feel good little ditty!
Nice relaxed playing, fit right in, great job!

@sunDOG Teenage Kicks - The Invertants
Loving the band, everyone sounds great.
How long have you been playing again?

@ChrisoBass Bon Jovi Runaway
Honestly - sounded like the studio track, would you mind making some mistakes and mix it a little worse so we know its actually you playing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Really really good!!

@Ek_Bass Popeda - Matkalla Alabamaan
Great playing - well done, really love the tune, and the IKEA DeathStar lampshade!

@JerryP Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - The Girl From Ipanema
You are on a roll mister!
I play this on sax quite a bit, it allows for some great phrasing.
Mixed and played perfectly - love love the sound on this one.

again and again - really nice playing!

@Justin3 Soundgarden - Spoonman (1994)
oh yeah!
why does this song always remind me of a strip club - hmmm.
spot on playing throughout, nice growl too! some fast fingers there man!

@sunDOG Jasmine Thompson - Ain’t Nobody bass improv.
There are a couple of spots that feel like you are rushing it a bit, but when you lay back its damn perfect. Nicely sitting in the mix too! great job.

@JerryP The Beatles - Come Together
whoa! What the heck are you doing on this side of the Beatles catalog? lol
very nice job!!!
Did you find this song hard or was it fairly easy for you?

@Morkai Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet
Very nice - AND!!! you were singing along?! - that is no small feat btw.
I like the mix and your tone is great, playing is great! just great.
Overall volume is a bit lower than the others i am hearing but not to where I couldn’t turn up my end and it was fine.
Really well done and welcome to the world of putting yourself out there - excellent!

@Ant - Alice In Chains - Head Creeps
Band. need one. excellent. :upside_down_face:

and I am FINALLY caught up!

…now to go welcome the 875 new folks on the forum… :weary:


You are the man @John_E


Thank you so much John, and none of us are ever going to know all the music out there. I think I hid the bass behind the music a little too much but I was going for more of a natural sound from as far as not listening to a bass cover. I’ve got 3 o 4 songs that I could hit record on now and if I do another Blur track, the bass is going to be more front and center (it’s a bass focused track).


Thank you again brother I really appreciate that!

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Honestly, on most of the songs I’ve been working on I cannot sing and play at the same time, it messes me up every time, doesn’t stop me trying though lol.

The bass line kinda followed the vocals in this one a bit more than usual I think.

I’ll pay more attention to the volume levels in the next vid. :slight_smile:


Great job on this!!

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Someday, I will. I’ll take suggestions. :smile:

Thanks John! The new Ampeg really helps with the tone.

The hard part was the high G & A fill at the end of the chorus parts. I could never play it exactly like McCartney, so I just did the best I could.
Thanks again for the kind words and your taking the time to listen to all these songs.


That’s such a cool bass line and you just laid it back and chill. Great job @sunDOG

Love the production too. It would have taken weeks to edit 15-20 years ago, lol.


Agreed. However, I think this version if We Will Rock You is freakin’ fantastic, I’d go as far as saying one of their best!

As a 4-piece, with all the members in place, we’ve probably had 4 or 5 rehearsals. We’re up to 7 songs that we can (more or less) play through cleanly. Rehearsal again, this Friday evening and our first open mic a week on Thursday…. :flushed:

Thank you! I really enjoyed this one. I’m now searching out other songs that I can strip back to fully expose the bass. Doing this is a challenge as you have to get it tight. Something like that Queen song, there’s a lot of ‘noise’ in there, so you can hide a little. Obviously, when it’s not much more than the bass and a vocal, you can’t do that!

Once again, thanks for your comments!!

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Technology is AMAZING!!!

At the macro level, the technology that is the JWST, allowing humanity to see to, quite literally the dawn of time, with such fidelity is stunning. It’s worth checking out the comparison between the Hubble image of the Crab Nebula and the JWST image, the difference in resolution is mind blowing. I know I’m using a lot of superlatives here, but this kind of technology, bringing with it the advancements of our understanding of our place in things is just, well, fantastic. (For context, my bachelor’s degree was in Geology, history of the world. Astrophysics fascinates me, history of the universe. Just a shame my mathematics is not strong enough for me to truly understand the science!)

Then there is the device in your pocket, the Smartphone - a recording studio (I record the bass onto the phone in GarageBand), a movie camera (all the videos are shot on the phone) and a video editing suite (all the video are edited in iMovie). As you say, a few years ago, to do all of this would have taken a long time, used a lot of different technologies, and to be honest, would have been beyond most of us. That we can do this on a device that can also allow you to talk to people all round the world, as well as access pretty much the sum total of human knowledge, is mind blowing!

Blimey, I sound evangelical… I’ll get my coat :rofl:


Happy Wednesday!

Last posting from the Swanage ‘Stadium’, for the time being.

Melanie C - Next Best Superstar.

While I’m playing the Ibanez EHB1000S in the video, it’s actually my Dingwall Combustion on the track, played through the Ampero One. Played worth clean tone, both finger style and with a pick to get it to try to get it to cut through.

Video filmed by my daughter.


Dang! that bass is tight. It’s awesome man!


Very cool! You made me reconsider my opinion about Melanie C (in fact I have purchased the album that contained your previous MC cover - don’t tell anybody!).

Is your daughter a drone? She really is flying around :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Al1885! This was about the 37th version of the bass line that I recorded :rofl:. Actually there are three bass tracks, 2 clean / finger and 1 clean / pick. ….i was chasing an elusive tone that I had in my head and was having trouble getting onto ‘tape’*.

Mel C ROCKS!! I think her voice is fantastic. I love the ending of Superstar, where she goes up an octave - such control and power!!

I probably should buy my daughter a drone, that would open up all sorts of possibilities!!

*tape, gosh, I remember recoding to a cassette back in my student days!