Post your original songs/compositions!

@T_dub cheers! We’re hoping the drummer has time this week to sort his end and then we’ll have another review

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While some of you who are over at Bass Education have heard most of this already I thought I would share it here to try and stay engaged on both platforms. This track follows some of my practice in walking bass lines etc. It is Blues in Bb The backing track is apart of the Erskine Essentials with Peter Erskine on Drums, Alan Pasqua on Piano. The baselines is entirely created by myself. All rights to the backing track go to and Damian Erskine. Hope you enjoy.
Lester Harper Blues in Bb


Very nice Lester,
Cheers Brian

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Great stuff Lester. I hope to get my BassEducation lifetime membership sorted out soon. I had a little bump in the road this past week, but back home and should get back to that site shortly.