Post your Ride/s

Very nice collection :ok_hand:


Oh, how times change.

Not too long after that post, I took a couple spills on the BMX bike, which really bummed me out on riding. I wound up selling off all my bikes in a fit of depression.

This year, shit, 2024 has been a fucker for me. But I realized that the times in my life when I’ve been happiest, both emotionally and physically? Those times are when I have a bike, and I’m actively riding it. But… I’m well over BMX. And I lost my nerve for road cycling in traffic (getting hit by a car a couple of times will do that). So, I decided to pick up another MTB and get out on the local trails.

It’s a brand-new Kona Lava Dome. 29" hard tail, 1x9 drivetrain. Great frame, decent components. Nothing real aggressive, but easy to ride. Definitely a great “ride it until something breaks, then upgrade it” bike. I’ve been hitting the Fullerton Loop trail and taking it down to the beach on weekends. I’m woefully out of shape, but I’m really enjoying being back out on a bike.


Super relatable. I’m doing mostly mountain biking lately as well because I get worked up and want to chase down a driver most of my road rides recently (and what makes it worse is that I mostly can catch them at intersections).

I’d say I’m happy that you can attend the church of the big ring again, but I’m not sure it counts on a 1x :wink:

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I mean… if it’s a 1x, then it IS the big ring. Of course, it’s also the small ring. And the middle ring. :smiley:

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Oh yeah. I was a motorcycle commuter in the Bay Area traffic. People do the damndest things. Ask me anything :rofl:

Seriously, I think my favorite was the time I was up in a lane next to someone driving impatiently, I honked briefly to make sure he saw me, he turned and waved at me, and then pulled in to my lane anyway. “Yes, hello, I see you, and now I will kill you. Have a nice day!”

Or the protesters running from the cops that ran a red light and hit me, but I sympathized with them and asked the cops to let them go.

Good times :slight_smile: