Project Basses

I used very very old files that my father in law gave me … not intended for nut carving ! very old like 100 year or so / also very very good quality ! these files were used by my grand-father in law who was a professionnal woodworker at the time.

by the way my nut is far from perfect, I made it a little bit too thin. it’s playable but I will very probably re-do another one from scratch :sweat_smile: but that’s how we learn and this little Jim Harley is a perfect case for this kind of experiment, so no problem !


Ok thanks terb.

I was surprised you cut the slots for the strings with the nut off the guitar - that’s the way it seems anyway.

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ah, no. at the time of the picture, I just removed the nut to adjust the overall height (which I filed a bit too much) but I did the cuts for the strings prior to that.


This video came up in my feed, and I thought it may be interesting to some of you. It’s about acoustic guitar construction, but I though it was pretty cool.


just a quick one to say hello :grin:

still way more work to do than it seems.


I love what you’ve done with it @terb! Was interesting and informative watching it all come together! Thank you for sharing this experience! You should be proud my friend!!

Keep on Thumpin’!

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thank you but it’s not finished yet :grin:

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Or a simple solution is a tapered neck pocket shim.

not really simpler ! anyway the saddles are already modded :grin: and it works, which is a good point already. I don’t really ask for more with this thing :joy:

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