Recommended straps?


Hello everyone,

I am looking for a new strap that is comfortable and fairly inexpensive. I am currently looking at these options. Does anyone any experience with these straps. I would trust you all more than a “paid review” on youtube or something.


@Ezekielrfernando - I don’t know any of these straps personally, but my advice is this: The wider the strap, the more weight is distributed across your shoulders, and the width - regardless of material (though pads and softness do help immensely) - has been tremendous in helping my arms and back when I’m playing.


I haven’t used any of those, but I do use the 4" Neotech Bass Strap, and it’s great. Highly recommended. You might look at that, and the ComfortStrapp, too. You can get either one at lots of places online.


I love the Gruv Gear Solo Straps! I use the 4" wide one on my Cirrus and it’s great. Nice and neoprene-y, but not all crazy stretchy like the Comfort Strapp I had (also stopped using Comfort Strapp since they use leather in the ends, which I’m not down with). I’ve been using the Gruv Gear like crazy since Aug 2017 and it’s in perfect condition.