Backpain & shoulderpain, different solutions:

I’m playing an '63 Jazzbass, which, to me, is heavy. At least I find carrying 4.5Kg not easy. I know it’s my weak back, not just a heavy bass: Shoulder Pain Due to Weight of Guitar. So I’ve tried several options, to name a few:

I change my way of playing, like sitting down while playing, pointing the bass more forward, use a different thumb angle for both hands.
It all helps, but still not enough: I even thought of quitting and just stay with singing.

That was until I found a little tiny solution that help in a BIG way:
What I’ve been looking for is a way to hold the bass around my waist, like a belt. This comes from knowing how to carry a backpack (I’m working in an outdoor retailer): you carry most of the weight in your hips, not your shoulder. A bit like the hip strap from slinger, but even those don help enough: 'cause to play the bass in my preferred height I cannot adjust the height of the belt enough.

I’ve found a different solution, had to be more flexible which it is, it’s not fancy, doesn’t look odd when used, even doesn’t cost much. But for me works splendid, it’s called Guitar Assist
Check it out and if you do order it, do me a favor: tell Martin you heard about it through bassbuzz. (It helps him to keep his business going and spread the knowledge for more solutions)


Cool! Might even allow you to do some ZZ Top style guitar spins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Glad this solution works for you and allows you to keep playing!


If you flip it fast enough, yeah that would work :joy:


Imagine getting hit in the head by your own "head"stock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting idea, @RemcoRG . . . thanks for your post :slight_smile:



Yeah, very Joe. I have been using it for some time now, don’t want anything else :wink:


A good reason to stay slim…:sweat_smile:


I got a padded strap that was a bit stretchy. Really helped, also kept the strap from digging into my skin.

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