Oh thank god. Lol. I’m racking my brains out thinking about the logistics of making that happen.

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There were about 1500 official songs on the last version. I’d guess these and more will be available on the new one.

Link has a list of the songs:

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Got my beta invite today. Was a bit tricky to get my Focusrite Solo working with the game. At first, even the Realtone cable woudn’t work. I think the trick was to turn off audio exclusivity in the settings.

Can’t say too much right now, except that it feels awful lot like Rocksmith 2014, I don’t see any real incentive for me to get this instead of just keep using Rocksmith 2014. But I guess they have to woo me with some good song additions later on.

To get it to know better I would really like it to have my favorite songs from 2014, but they aren’t currently there yet.

If anyone is interested, apparently I can invite 2 more people to the beta. Just message me your Ubisoft account name or send a friend request to mine (Username: Malyngo)


I’ve got my invite as well, haven’t looked at it yet - at work. Will check it out later.

But I’ve stuff to work on and this looks like a time sink

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Got my invite too… Downloading it now.

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Well the most important thing is…

They fixed the tuner! :wink:


About time


I received my invite into the beta yesterday as well. Having never played the previous version I have no base for comparison other than the YouTube videos I have seen on it over the past year. I also never got into guitar hero, or rock band. So I haven’t had much exposure to this game format except when I would run into it at a party. But I’ve been a gamer at one level or another for most of my 49 years on this planet.

Setup was pretty easy, it recognized my Motu M2 interface with no issues, it’s pretty intuitive. I have my pedal board is connected to the Motu via DI so I have the option to engage my amp separately, plus I can just go to either headphones or my monitors off the Motu as well. Options ae GOOD! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve only gotten about 2 hours invested into the game so far. Currently song selections are pretty limited, but I found a few I’d like to take a stab at. I started with Summer of 69, which is not a song I have ever played before. It starts you out slow, only giving you some of he notes to play, but as you do better it adds more and more in pretty quickly if you are doing well. If you start to mess it up it will pull notes out too. Within in no time I was playing the full song fairly well.

The riff repeater is cool, you can focus in on specific areas that are giving you trouble and play that section over an over, slowing it down if needed too. I really like this feature and found it useful for one specific part of the song. It gives you a little lead in before the actual section you want to work on which is nice.

You also have the option to see the tab as well. I found is easier to pay more attention to the fret board graphics than the tab, but I was leaving the tab on in the beginning because I can see farther ahead in the song then the fret board graphics. Once I had the song pretty much down I really didn’t look at the tab much but left it on anyway. I haven’t tried any of the skill building lessons / games yet.

Being an I.T. guy by profession, I’m no stranger to beta software. So I expect bugs, and have run into some with it too. I have some mouse issues with the game after it had been running for a while. You can play it full screen or in a window, which is great. But the issue I am seeing is after the game has run for 30 or so mins the mouse disappears when in the game window, it’s there, and shows it self if you manage to line up a click. However when it does this those clicks don’t work and you have to move to the keyboard to make anything happen. This gets annoying FAST, because not all the menus seem to respond to the keyboard the same, some just don’t work once it starts messing up.

The button to quit the game is hidden in the settings, or you can just click the X. But I found after I quit the game via the X, because it was messing up, that I had trouble re-starting it and found it had a hung process in task manager and had to kill or I couldn’t get it to start again.

So overall the game has good potential, and I really like it. I was surprised how quickly I was learning the one song I’ve tried so far. I found myself not looking at the screen and playing along by ear for a lot of the song pretty fast. The real time feedback on where you have made mistakes and the ability to go back and work on these sections is great. If the song selection turns out to be as good as they claim it will be I just might pay for the annual subscription when the final version comes out.


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Got to be a beta tester a bout a week ago. Just not my cup of tea, to much tab. Think that’s why I gave it away. May be good for others . I’m not buying subscription. I’ll use it some more as a beta tester, sticking to soundslice,talkingbass,truefire ,Yousian and Ariane Cap pattern system. Have fun with Rocksmith .:beers:

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What do you mean by too much tab? Do you mean you prefer to read sheet music?

Yes, that’s what I mean. The way the tab is presented in the game just seem weird or awkward to me. I’m trying to get away from tab all together. I would rather know the names of the notes on the fretboard. If you like it and it work for you, that’s great. Just not for me.


I’d prefer all of the choices you get in Yousician. I’m going to suggest that on their forum. They probably have it all behind the scenes, just a matter of bringing it to the front.

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Currently, they have this highway layout, that is the classical Rocksmith way of presenting things, and in Rocksmith+ there is also the possibility to show the more classical tab view, from left to right.

If they would add standard notation, that would be a nice addition.

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I’ve been using Tomplay lately also. It’s about 100.00 a year. Or you can purchase songs for 5.99. Only thing I really don’t like they use there own artists to record the music not original artists. That’s the biggest draw back. Still on 14 day trial. So not sure if I’ll do full purchase yet. Do like to play new song and have the right score for it. There’s nothing wrong with tabs, it just been a crutch for me, my eyes alway go to the tab even if I know the notes on staff. So in my old age just trying to get away from it. I want to master the fretboard without really think about it. One of my goals.


Only just got my invite yesterday so I’ll probably download it today.
Must say I’m sort of hesitant after reading the reviews here

No need to explain wanting to practice reading music, it’s a cool goal.

That said, unless you go pro tabs will probably always be more useful, since there’s probably 10-100x the amount of tabs easily available for most genres, versus sheet music, which is scarce to close to nonexistent for some genres, as far as I can tell.


I have Pro tabs too from Ultimate it’s always good to have your tool box with tools. The more tools you have more choices to do your job. :grin::+1:


It’s funny, if i spend time working on stuff that requires reading music then i hate going back to tabs… but i mostly prefer tabs :slight_smile: I find that between reading tabs, standard notation/chords and the standard interface on Yousician, they all required very different thought processes for me. I find it interesting that as much as I really like playing open strings, when I’m playing from standard notation, I pretty much never play open strings :slight_smile:

I like Yousician for doing a lot of playing because it allows me to focus my brain more on the physical aspects and get a good workout; I don’t really care much about learning the songs or working on theory.

Outside of Jazz, classical music and musical theatre, there really isn’t that much guitar/bass music in standard notation unless you really go out of your way to find it… and even if you don’t read standard notation, it’s pretty easy to put it into guitar pro and make yourself some tabs.


Yep. From a practical standpoint for bass, for many genres, being able to read music is a nearly useless skill. There’s just not a lot of sheet music out there for them. If you are lucky you’ll find a piano score, but that will likely be a different arrangement for the bass part and not the bass line.

But that’s ok. It’s still a good thing to know. Unlike guitar, sheet music works fine for bass and in an ideal world it would all be standard notation rather than tabs. But it’s not :slight_smile:

From a purely practical standpoint, for bass, knowing how to effectively use tablature, and finding sources of good tabs with timing info, is a much more important skill than reading music.

But life isn’t purely practical, and I’m glad I can read music :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be able to sight read at full speed to get a lot out of reading music. Out of all the instruments I have played I could do that for maybe one, and poorly at that. That’s not its primary benefit, unless you’re a pro musician.


I did the beta, didn’t like how the difficulty was ranked and didn’t like the song selection very much. Difficulty seemed to be related to the guitar, not bass. So Cake was beginner. Would see what the line up looks like for full version, till then will stick with RS2014 and Yousician.

Also, Rocksmith+ seemed to have same issue as RS where it doesn’t seem to care when you start and end a note as long as the note is being played when it scrolls past. This makes it really easy to get away with biffing the timing on an 8th note chug, something Yousician doesn’t let you as easily.