SAG - Selling Aquired Gear



I know, it was a tough call. It’s a fantastic guitar I would highly recommend to anyone. I am pretty convinced it’s the best guitar you can buy under $1k. Or even at $1k.

But I just haven’t put the time in in months.

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Ooh, Reverb Japan is taking off. Nice to have a viable competitor to Mercari that isn’t as garbage as YahuOku.


Ok, here’s a deal I might regret :rofl:

Selling Arturia V Collection 8, $60 USD. You can use this to upgrade to 9 on the cheap, or 10 when it comes out. Or just use it as is, it’s awesome.

I no longer need it as I am covering it with other synths now.

For reference my current upgrade price to VC9 is $99USD during Black Friday ($199 normally). The new price for VC9 is $299 during Black Friday ($599 normally). But really 8 is great on its own, comes with dozens of classic synths.

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Hey, gang.

Selling some stuff. Gonna put it on Reverb or OfferUp, not sure which, maybe both. Figured I’d give you lot a shot first. Haven’t even taken pics yet, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you pics and we’ll work a deal.

  • Warmoth G4 alder bass body, 4 string, J/J, Olympic white. Previously built, but never strung or played.
  • Warmoth roasted maple bass neck, Indian rosewood fingerboard, 21 jumbo nickel frets. Previously built, but never strung or played.
  • Brown mahogany Ibanez SR500E, almost brand new.

If no one replies before I get the pics taken, I’ll add them to this post.


Also selling Yamaha Vocaloid 6, $150 USD. Includes the Vocaloid 5 voicebanks.

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Arturia’s V Collection sale is off, so current update: it now costs $299 to upgrade VC8 to VC9, and my sale price is increasing to $100 USD for V Collection 8.

Updated my post above.