Show us your Practice Space

That’s not because of the volume why I bought all that stuff. Its more because of the sound. More speakers means better bass sound. More power means more reserves, because a speaker needs more power for the same volume on bass sounds.


Changing the room, one more time….

Just a few wires to connect and I’m good to go




I wish I was closer. I’d bring the zip ties!!


I’d even consider conduit at this point.


I can relate!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:. Have fun @John_E…!!..:crazy_face::crazy_face:


I’ve got cable run things. Tried to move everything with all the wires still in them. Wasn’t gonna happen.

A couple things forced me to change it up.

  1. The cab in the corner sounded like crap. It sounded much better in the general place it’s going back to.
  2. Needed space for the lap steel that comes tomorrow and just space in general. Was getting claustrophobic. So the workbench bit the dust and I modified my desk to have enough space to work on basses/saxes and got 4 linear feet back. It’s a collapse-able table so can always pop it up if needed.
  3. Wanted to be a bit closer at hand to certain things and a corner was the only way to get there.

I can’t wait to see the completion


Sometimes less is more!


You might think, hey, isn’t this the way you used to have it…well, sorta, but with a few very key differences.
Since I have completely lost the battle for the bigger playroom to my kids (damn kids), efficiency of space is of the most importance.

  1. Amp/cab sounded like crapola down in the corner, and vibrated some stuff in the walls etc, so back in the ‘middle’ of the room really helps with tone in this space (and rattling).
  2. Workbench is gone - too much space - desk has been tweaked to acccomodate work on it, keyboard drawer is coming soon. Tools are just to the left, which for some reason I seem to like better than on the right.
  3. Sax mpcs/ligs/reeds/swabs/etc within arms reach of chair, saxes nearby but not directly behind me, because…
  4. Keyboard is now accessable (it really was in an akward spot before, now, i just spin. Keyborad bench out - redundant. When desk was down in this corner prior, saxes were just behind me, making it a lot more narrow of a space, moving them down a bit fixes this.
  5. Keyboard/Drumpad/BeatBuddy close to desk through Phil Jones amp. The nice thing about these PJB amps is they sound great with all instruments (bought it on purpose for this, along with easy transport to jam with someone, hopefully, someday dammit). Beat buddy et all was clear across the room prior and hard to config. Now, on keyboard for easy access. This also lets me use the PJB amp for very quiet practice of bass, as it is right nearby desk.
  6. #5 accessable now for new lap steel, and room to play it.
  7. Pedalboard was in way of keyboard et all in #5, now this is fixed.
  8. Desk in corner - the one thing I disliked about the desk in the middle of the room was I was staring at a wall vs. a window - now, I can see the world again (until the sun comes in the window then the blinds are slammed shut so nothing gets faded/damaged, etc.
  9. More bookshelf space down the ‘chillin’ end of the room, as I am amassing books of late.
  10. Chillin’ end of room - this end needs enough space so that when I am reading/vinyl-ing/whatevering you don’t feel like you are in a drawer of the back of a closet
  11. Floorspace - plenty of room for cover recording, camera/mic booms, dance parties etc without the risk of bumping into things and damaging them.
  12. Organizing of bins/cleanout/etc. - heals the soul to toss what is dopey and know where everything is (if i could only remember a week from now) and everyting in its place.

I know this is generally a bunch of nonsense, but, a well organized space is a really great feeling, and an efficiently organized space is key to getting more done faster.


Those drum pads are awesome. I had the same one. I sold it then drove to guitar center and bought my Squier p bass.


I’m recording industrial sounds from all over and making a drum set from it to load in. At least that’s the plan anyway.


So INCREDIBLY peanut butter and jealous over that space. Gobsmacked.


Excellent plan. Ableton might come with some too. I’ve seen sample packs as well.


Nicely done and very organized.


Looks fantastic and my OCD approves! :rofl:


Nicely done and fun to see that we have the exact setup for playing vinyl. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think we even have the same record player (looks like a project evo), but I have everything in white.

Cool space!


I think it’s a debut carbon. Whatever Sonos was selling at the time. Had I known the stand was going to end up wood grain, I’d have gone with back. Lol


After transporting all of this gear plus an electronic drum kit 2500 miles on the roof of our Kia, I finally have a practice space set up in our new home in Mexico.


My practice space all puppy proofed.