Show us your tattoos

It’s been talked about long enuf, and enuf people said it should be started, so here goes.

I need to dig up, or take new pics of many, but I can start off with my latest tattoo, I got a few months ago.

I have a theme for most of my tattoos.
Well two themes.

  2. Punk rock bands, or persons.

My latest clown.

That’s my daughters name “Madilyn”
I have my other two daughters names on my arm there, wrapping around in the same lettering.

Of course the stocking color was changed to Orange.
And the balloon was added. For the other famous clown with a red balloon.

This was one of my daughters 18th birthday. Present

The poison apple from Snow White.

I will dig others out, but let’s see some of yours.



Here is my favorite

It is a dancing pan inspired by the character from the book “Jitterbug Perfume”

I have also one on my “plucking fore arm” but it only shows at a weird angle while I am playing the bass. I will ask my wife a photo later!


Very cool!


As promised @T_dub. These pictures are like 20 years old, so please never mind the Eminem/Dimebag lookalike contest I was so obviously winning.

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Can’t wait to see what everyone else is sporting. Bring it!


Only 1 at the moment… a Celtic Thistle


First of all, very very nice!
Second, Celt for the win!


I can’t share on the tattoo thread… but I am IN on the Tom Robbins thread.


The clown girl.


The clown girl.

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Okay ,plucked up courage so here’s a few of mine


F@#K YEAH!!!
That’s some killer work.

If you take your shirt off, will there be more work all around the torso?

What about legs.



Just got full arms , chest and neck but it’s an ongoing project .
Every time I get a windfall my tattooist gets richer lol


Ha Ha
Fortunately I don’t have this problem. It helps to have a best friend that is a tattoo artist. I could be covered if I wanted to. I am not finished by any means, but I don’t try and press him, and sometimes I am not in the mood. its best when we are both feeling it, that’s when the best work is done.


I’ve only just nailed down a new tattooist after moving to the other side of the world lol but the COVID-19 has meant the closure of tattoo parlours here and I’m spending cash when I have it elsewhere at the wanting to finish my head once I start again with this in the gaps at the back.



The first things my daughter asked me when she was out of the induced coma, out of surgery, off of life support, and was able to barely whisper out a sentence that I could understand was “What Happened”
Then, the next thing, I kid you not, was,
“Dad, can we get matching tattoos?”
“Of course we can, you get all better to and when you are out of the hospital we can”
That was on March 11th, 2020. I know, cuz I know the day I got my daughter back.

Well, today, several months drown the road, due to many reasons, Her in the hospital, in assisted living, COVID, inpatient Rehab, all these things, and finally today we were able to get it done, sort of.
Still, tight schedules for many, make the time line up hard to make,
My best friend, after working his normal 5 day week in the shops, and after tattooing all day yesterday at his brothers house, still went back to his brothers house today, his one last day to have rest before starting his week all over again tomorrow, and we were able to get a little bit of time, and got our black work done. Not a big piece, but needs 2nd black work and the red work to be completed next time.
So we both got this

She got hers on her left shin.
I got mine on my right forearm.

Oh Yeah, we did not get an exact copy, so the reds and black will fill it differently then the original.
WE always change it up, I pick the art, he changes it to fit me. I am alway so happy with the results.

Its a horrible photo, I just did a selfie of my arm and cropped and rotated it.
I will get a better pic to post when it is done.


That’s awesome @T_dub . You have a wonderful relationship with your daughter. It’s a special thing for sure


Yes, the unfortunate side is that her mom HATES me and takes it out on her.
We both wish her the best and hopefully she will find that she has no room for hate in her heart.


Here’s my one and only (so far!). The interlocked triangle & heart is an adoption symbol, with our initials and the adoption date.

here’s the original design my awesome graphic designer spouse came up with:

If my Gear Acquisition Syndrome ever goes into remission long enough, I’m considering a large plain bass clef symbol for the other forearm :smiley:



It was my Birthday last Friday, on the 22nd.
It is my daughters birthday tomorrow.

My best friend always comes over and throws us a tattoo party.
Free tattoos for all.

Our party is tomorrow.
I was just gonna have him color in that last one with the red and touch it up, this way he can get more people, but I might have him doo a little MusicMan Stingray text on my wrist or something. Hmmmm…

Thanks @MarkusFarlow, PERFECT TIMING to wake this trhead up.


Thanks right back at you @T_dub, for starting this thread. Happy Birthday, have a great party tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the update/new design!


I’ve got to get the rest of my head finished but the dollars aren’t there at the moment :pensive:
Soon though I hope

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