TalkingNut - Peanut Butter: How to use, with what, or if at all?

Peanut butter taste, texture and usages. Where do you fall on the topic of this savory goop?


I like PB on toast for breakfast along with a fresh cup of coffee. Often accompanied by a banana on the side. Sticks to my ribs and fuels the morning really well.

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It’s one of my go-to treats and is a great quick breakfast. I just eat it straight now, right from the jar, but my historical favorite was to eat it spread on saltines.

Prefer chunky.

It is also a great spicy sauce base; add some chili oil like rayu, some chili powder, etc. Anything spicy goes well with it.


Added liberally to smoothies!


I prefer chunky. A little texture spices up the chew.

loved it. then i tried almond butter.


Heat up Masaman curry, or red curry in oil till the oil break
then add coconut milk and fish sauce to taste
add creamy peanut butter then bring it till bubbles.
Last put the vinegar syrup to finish
2:1 sugar and 5% vinegar bring to boil then cool down.
Serve with toast as a dipping sauce or Satay skew of your favorite meat.

2 tbsp vegetable oil
3 tsp of curry paste less if it’s red curry
3 tsp sugar or palm sugar
1 can coconut milk
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup vinegar syrup

Keep refrigerated, 2 weeks shelf life

Satay marinade
2 cup sugar
1 cup vegetable oil
2 tbsp yellow Indian curry powder
2 tbsp fish sauce (Thai)
1 tsp of lemon juice or vinegar
Crushed cilantro stems

If skewer the slice of meat with bamboo skewers soak the skewers in cold water for 20 minutes before use to prevent splinters.

Detail questions please feel free to ask.


Sounds killer, @Al1885. Damn, I’d love to taste your cooking.

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I’m actually specialized in Thai-Italian cooking.

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Peanuts are not nuts btw.

PB goes well with vanilla ice cream

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While peanuts are not nuts, some people are nuts for peanuts.

Ok, now we’ve got the PB thread, it would be only fair to start a JB one. What’s a legitimate candidate for that? Jelly beans? :thinking:

Adams Crunchy

It’s the only peanut butter I will eat and I am firm on that

I also usually only eat it with Nutella

PB&N sandwiches. It’ll change your life

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Kraft Crunchy and I am firm on that.

For catching rodents. That’s the only place peanut butter has in the world :sunglasses:



I’ll never understand peanut butter and banana. I feel about that, the way many people feel about pineapple on a pizza (which I’m actually fine with and like).

Personally, smooth peanut butter is too much like eating paste. It has to be chunky.

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but have you tried rum butter though… thats on a whole other level! :grin:

Peanut butter additive norms are relative and nurture-based. People tend to like stuff they grew up with. My mom was never a PBJ fan, so we kids never got PBJ sandwiches. I never understood it when I’d see a classmate knocking one back. Diff’rent strokes.

Just happened to see this:

What in the name of all beer-loving deities is this???




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