Testing myself on a bit of theory via Concrete Blonde

Okay, so I was looking at Bloodletting, by Concrete Blonde:


And it’s a simple enough bassline, but the TIMING intrigued me. So, the main bass theme. Would those two quick notes be considered two quick 1/16 notes or a swung 1/8th followed by a regular 1/8th?

I’m curious what people have to say on it.

EDIT: I think I’ve convinced myself that each bar has an 1/8th, followed by three pairs, a 1/16th (on the “uh”) and an 1/8th following until we get back to 1.

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Does this help?

That DOES! I never saw that vid! Thanks!

I just created that video :slight_smile:
I can also upload the tabs as PDF if needed…

Concrete-Blonde_Bloodletting_v1_p.pdf (573.4 KB)

With Concrete Blonde, Johnette is also the lead vocalist so her basslines are very much influenced by her vocals

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Always liked them.

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The rhythm for the intro and the verse are a bit different, but everything would be written with eighth notes (and you’re right - they’re swung!)

Here’s a quick sketch of the intro rhythm:

The video that @chris_van_hoven uploaded has some cool visuals, but the rhythm is written incorrectly.
I’m not sure how the computer decides the rhythms, but the bar lines are in the wrong place, so I would disregard that.
The tabbed notes look accurate as far as I checked, but the rhythm is off significantly.

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Yeah, I just downloaded it from https://ignition4.customsforge.com/ and made a video of that with Tonelib Jam … sorry, I was lazy :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I will have a look at my tab collection and see if I can find something better!

If not I can try to synch with Go Playalong. Sometimes that results in something better - stay tuned!

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OK, I looked in my GP collection and found only “Bloodletting” from obscure bands like “Burn The Priest” and “Marduk”. I also could not find a free version of it via Google.

@Gio is the score itself incorrect (have alook at the PDF above) and/or the video?
If the score itself is correct I can resynch with Go Playalong and post a new video.
@AdamDickson : how is the “feel” if you play along the video I provided? The reason I ask is that for me (not understanding scores much anyway :-)) playing along an audio track using those videos helps me immensely, when learning a song, even when some timings appear incorrect.

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Haven’t had a chance to look into it - when I do, I’ll report back, lol

The score is wrong.

It looks like someone fed the music into a machine and got a very weird transcription.
The weird transcription then got fed to the tab-visualizer machine and was accurately depicted, but is now weirder because it was already weird.


So… It’s weird? :slight_smile:

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Just looking at the first few measures it’s completely weird. Like what is up with the superimposed quarter rests?

Also even the rests in the first measures are simply wrong. No one would notate it as four quarter rests, and the whole rest plus three (or four!) quarter rests in a measure makes no sense for 4/4.

Haven’t tried analyzing the rhythm yet but defer to @Gio’s prior transcription.

@Gio & @Howard. Shall we have a more systematic look at it.?
The Bloodletting score came from Ignitionsearch, which is user driven. Quality can be hit & miss. So this one was obviously miss!

Could you choose one of these original Rocksmith songs. I will make a video and create a PDF. Those should be perfect!?

Maybe choose a complex one, where you know it is a challenge.

My original Rocksmith tracks:

(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay ^ Otis Redding.gp5
20th Century Boy ^ T. Rex.gp5
3’s & 7’s ^ Queens of the Stone Age.gp5
867-5309Jenny ^ Tommy Tutone.gp5
Afterlife ^ Avenged Sevenfold.gp5
Airbag ^ Radiohead.gp5
Alive ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
All I Wanna Do ^ Splashh.gp5
All the Small Things ^ blink-182.gp5
America’s Suitehearts ^ Fall Out Boy.gp5
American Woman ^ The Guess Who.gp5
Anna Molly ^ Incubus.gp5
Ballroom Blitz ^ Sweet.gp5
Barracuda ^ Heart.gp5
Bat Country ^ Avenged Sevenfold.gp5
Be Yourself ^ Audioslave.gp5
Beast and the Harlot ^ Avenged Sevenfold.gp5
Best of You ^ Foo Fighters.gp5
Black Betty ^ Ram Jam.gp5
Black Magic Woman ^ Santana.gp5
Black Magic ^ Magic Wands.gp5
Black ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
Blister in the Sun ^ Violent Femmes.gp5
Blitzkrieg Bop ^ Ramones.gp5
Blood and Thunder ^ Mastodon.gp5
Bodysnatchers ^ Radiohead.gp5
Bohemian Rhapsody ^ Queen.gp5
Bold As Love ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Bombtrack ^ Rage Against the Machine.gp5
Born on the Bayou ^ Creedence Clearwater Revival.gp5
Born to Be Wild ^ Steppenwolf.gp5
Born Under a Bad Sign ^ Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan.gp5
Bottoms Up ^ Nickelback.gp5
Brand New Kind of Blue ^ Gold Motel.gp5
Breaking the Law ^ Judas Priest.gp5
Bright Lights ^ Gary Clark Jr…gp5
Bring Me to Life ^ Evanescence.gp5
Burnin’ for You ^ Blue ™yster Cult.gp5
Call Me ^ Blondie.gp5
Caring Is Creepy ^ The Shins.gp5
Carol of the Bells ^ Seth Chapla.gp5
Carry On Wayward Son ^ Kansas.gp5
Castles Made of Sand ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Cemetery Gates ^ Pantera.gp5
Champagne Supernova ^ Oasis.gp5
Check My Brain ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
Chompers ^ Fang Island.gp5
Cliffs of Dover ^ Eric Johnson.gp5
Cochise ^ Audioslave.gp5
Cold Company ^ Minus The Bear.gp5
Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated) ^ The Offspring.gp5
Comedown ^ Bush.gp5
Cousins ^ Vampire Weekend.gp5
Cowboys from Hell ^ Pantera.gp5
Creep ^ Radiohead.gp5
Cult of Personality ^ Living Colour.gp5
Dammit ^ blink-182.gp5
Dance, Dance ^ Fall Out Boy.gp5
Debaser ^ Pixies.gp5
Desolate Motion ^ Karawan.gp5
Disorder ^ Joy Division.gp5
Do the Evolution ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
Domination ^ Pantera.gp5
Don’t Look Back in Anger ^ Oasis.gp5
Don’t Speak ^ No Doubt.gp5
Don’t Stop ^ Crimson.gp5
Down in a Hole ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
Drift Away ^ Dobie Gray.gp5
Drive ^ Incubus.gp5
Eight-Ball, Coroner’s Pocket ^ Hail the Sun.gp5
EraseRewind ^ The Cardigans.gp5
Even Flow ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
Everlong ^ Foo Fighters.gp5
Every Breath You Take ^ The Police.gp5
Everybody Hurts ^ R.E.M…gp5
Everything Zen ^ Bush.gp5
Eye of the Tiger ^ Survivor.gp5
Fake Plastic Trees ^ Radiohead.gp5
Fat Bottomed Girls ^ Queen.gp5
Feeling Good ^ Nina Simone.gp5
Figure It Out ^ Royal Blood.gp5
Fire ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Float On ^ Modest Mouse.gp5
For a Fool ^ The Shins.gp5
Foxey Lady ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Free Bird ^ Lynyrd Skynyrd.gp5
Freedom ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Get Free ^ The Vines.gp5
Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker) ^ Parliament.gp5
Glycerine ^ Bush.gp5
GO FURTHER ^ Tak Matsumoto.gp5
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen ^ Brian Adam McCune.gp5
Godzilla ^ Blue ™yster Cult.gp5
Gold on the Ceiling ^ The Black Keys.gp5
Gone Away ^ The Offspring.gp5
Good Times ^ Chic.gp5
Guns of Brixton ^ The Clash.gp5
Hangar 18 ^ Megadeth.gp5
Harder to Breathe ^ Maroon 5.gp5
Have You Ever Seen the Rain ^ Creedence Clearwater Revival.gp5
Headlong Flight ^ Rush.gp5
Heart Shaped Box ^ Nirvana.gp5
Heaven Beside You ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
Here Comes Your Man ^ Pixies.gp5
Hey ^ Pixies.gp5
Hit Me with Your Best Shot ^ Pat Benatar.gp5
Hollow ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
Honey Bee ^ Muddy Waters.gp5
How You Remind Me ^ Nickelback.gp5
Hypnotize ^ System of a Down.gp5
Hysteria ^ Muse.gp5
I Am The Highway ^ Audioslave.gp5
I Appear Missing ^ Queens of the Stone Age.gp5
I Believe in a Thing Called Love ^ The Darkness.gp5
I Can’t Be Satisfied ^ Muddy Waters.gp5
I Don’t Care ^ Fall Out Boy.gp5
I Hate Everything About You ^ Three Days Grace.gp5
I Think I’m Paranoid ^ Garbage.gp5
If 6 Was 9 ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Impossible Dreams ^ Versus Them.gp5
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida ^ Iron Butterfly.gp5
Is This Love ^ Whitesnake.gp5
Jeremy ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver ^ Primus.gp5
Jessica ^ The Allman Brothers Band.gp5
Jessie’s Girl ^ Rick Springfield.gp5
Jigsaw Falling Into Place ^ Radiohead.gp5
Juicebox ^ The Strokes.gp5
Just Got to Be ^ The Black Keys.gp5
Just Like Heaven ^ The Cure.gp5
Just ^ Radiohead.gp5
Karma Police ^ Radiohead.gp5
Keep Yourself Alive ^ Queen.gp5
Killer Queen ^ Queen.gp5
Killing in the Name ^ Rage Against the Machine.gp5
Knights of Cydonia ^ Muse.gp5
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door ^ Bob Dylan.gp5
Know Your Enemy ^ Rage Against the Machine.gp5
Kryptonite ^ 3 Doors Down.gp5
Last Exit ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
Last Nite ^ The Strokes.gp5
Like a Stone ^ Audioslave.gp5
Limelight ^ Rush.gp5
Little Monster ^ Royal Blood.gp5
Little Sister ^ Queens of the Stone Age.gp5
Little Wing ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Live Forever ^ Oasis.gp5
Living After Midnight ^ Judas Priest.gp5
London Calling ^ The Clash.gp5
Loser ^ 3 Doors Down.gp5
Losing My Religion ^ R.E.M…gp5
Love Hurts ^ Incubus.gp5
Love That’s Gone ^ La Sera.gp5
Love Will Tear Us Apart ^ Joy Division.gp5
Lovefool ^ The Cardigans.gp5
Lovesong ^ The Cure.gp5
Machinehead ^ Bush.gp5
Make It Wit Chu ^ Queens of the Stone Age.gp5
Man In The Box ^ Alice In Chains.gp5
Manic Depression ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Mannish Boy ^ Muddy Waters.gp5
Mary Jane’s Last Dance ^ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.gp5
Megalomaniac ^ Incubus.gp5
Message in a Bottle ^ The Police.gp5
Mind Eraser ^ The Black Keys.gp5
Misery ^ Maroon 5.gp5
Mississippi Queen ^ Mountain.gp5
Monkey Gone to Heaven ^ Pixies.gp5
Monochromic ^ Sabaka.gp5
More Than a Feeling ^ Boston.gp5
Motorcycle Emptiness ^ Manic Street Preachers.gp5
Mr. Brightside ^ The Killers.gp5
Muscle Museum ^ Muse.gp5
My Favourite Game ^ The Cardigans.gp5
My Generation ^ The Who.gp5
My Girl ^ The Temptations.gp5
My Hero ^ Foo Fighters.gp5
My Iron Lung ^ Radiohead.gp5
My Own Summer (Shove It) ^ Deftones.gp5
My Sharona ^ The Knack.gp5
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) ^ My Chemical Romance.gp5
Nightmare ^ Avenged Sevenfold.gp5
No Excuses ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
No More Mr. Nice Guy ^ Alice Cooper.gp5
No One Knows ^ Queens of the Stone Age.gp5
No Rain ^ Blind Melon.gp5
No Surprises ^ Radiohead.gp5
Now ^ Paramore.gp5
Nutshell ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
On Top of the World ^ Matt Montgomery, Brian McCune, Brendan West.gp5
Only Happy When It Rains ^ Garbage.gp5
Optimistic ^ Radiohead.gp5
Out of the Black ^ Royal Blood.gp5
Oye Como Va ^ Santana.gp5
Painkiller ^ Judas Priest.gp5
Paint It, Black ^ The Rolling Stones.gp5
Paralyzer ^ Finger Eleven.gp5
Paranoid Android ^ Radiohead.gp5
Pardon Me ^ Incubus.gp5
Paris (Ooh La La) ^ Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.gp5
Peace of Mind ^ Boston.gp5
Planetary (Go!) ^ My Chemical Romance.gp5
Pour Some Sugar on Me ^ Def Leppard.gp5
Public Enemy No. 1 ^ Megadeth.gp5
Purple Haze ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
R U Mine ^ Arctic Monkeys.gp5
Rearviewmirror ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
Red House ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Rock and Roll All Nite ^ Kiss.gp5
Rocksmith 2012 Theme ^ Ubisoft.gp5
Rooster ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
Rotten Apple ^ Screaming Females.gp5
Round and Round ^ Ratt.gp5
RS2 Chord Name Stress ^ Ubisoft.gp5
RS2 Test Disc Riffs - Arpeggios ^ Rocksmith.gp5
RS2 Test Disc Riffs - Hybrid Tails ^ Rocksmith.gp5
RS2 Test Linkdiff Level Break ^ AAA Rocksmith.gp5
Satch Boogie ^ Joe Satriani.gp5
Savior ^ Rise Against.gp5
Say It Ain’t So ^ Weezer.gp5
Sea to Swallow ^ Disonaur.gp5
Self Trap ^ Playground Kings.gp5
Self-Destruct ^ Aching Head.gp5
She Will Be Loved ^ Maroon 5.gp5
Shiny Happy People ^ R.E.M…gp5
Should I Stay or Should I Go ^ The Clash.gp5
Show Me How to Live ^ Audioslave.gp5
Sixteen Saltines ^ Jack White.gp5
Snarling of Beasts ^ Bedowyn.gp5
Some Might Say ^ Oasis.gp5
Sore Tummy ^ Paws.gp5
South Park Theme ^ Primus.gp5
Stay In ^ Jaws.gp5
Stellar ^ Incubus.gp5
Still A Fool ^ Muddy Waters.gp5
Stockholm Syndrome ^ Muse.gp5
Stone ^ Alice in Chains.gp5
Street Spirit (Fade Out) ^ Radiohead.gp5
Stuck On a Wire Out On a Fence ^ The Dear Hunter.gp5
Stupid Girl ^ Garbage.gp5
Sugar, We’re Goin Down ^ Fall Out Boy.gp5
Supermassive Black Hole ^ Muse.gp5
Supersonic ^ Oasis.gp5
Swallowed ^ Bush.gp5
Sweet Mountain River ^ Monster Truck.gp5
The Chimera ^ The Smashing Pumpkins.gp5
The End of the World ^ The Cure.gp5
The Final Countdown ^ Europe.gp5
The Good Left Undone ^ Rise Against.gp5
The Man Who Sold the World ^ David Bowie.gp5
The One I Love ^ R.E.M…gp5
The Spirit of Radio ^ Rush.gp5
The Trooper ^ Iron Maiden.gp5
The Wind Cries Mary ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
There There ^ Radiohead.gp5
Thnks fr th Mmrs ^ Fall Out Boy.gp5
ThunderKiss '65 ^ White Zombie.gp5
Time Is Running Out ^ Muse.gp5
Tommy the Cat ^ Primus.gp5
Transmission ^ Joy Division.gp5
ultra soul ^ B’z.gp5
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) ^ Jimi Hendrix.gp5
Wake Up ^ Rage Against the Machine.gp5
Walk This Way ^ Aerosmith.gp5
War Ensemble ^ Slayer.gp5
Wasteland ^ EarlyRise.gp5
Wave of Mutilation ^ Pixies.gp5
We Are the Champions ^ Queen.gp5
Welcome to the Black Parade ^ My Chemical Romance.gp5
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth ^ R.E.M…gp5
Wires ^ Red Fang.gp5
Wish You Were Here ^ Incubus.gp5
Wonderwall ^ Oasis.gp5
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver ^ Primus.gp5
X-Kid ^ Green Day.gp5
Yellow Ledbetter ^ Pearl Jam.gp5
You Really Got Me ^ The Kinks.gp5
Zombie ^ The Cranberries.gp5
šberlin ^ R.E.M…gp5

Ok, @Gio & @Howard - try this one. That is unchanged from Rockmsmith itself:

Also, I made a better list. Which one should I test for correct transcription?

Alice in Chains / Check My Brain / Eb Drop Db
Alice in Chains / Check My Brain / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / Down in a Hole / Eb Drop Db
Alice in Chains / Down in a Hole / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / Heaven Beside You / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / Hollow / Eb Drop Db
Alice In Chains / Man In The Box / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / No Excuses / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / Nutshell / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / Rooster / Eb Standard
Alice in Chains / Them Bones / Eb Drop Db
Alice in Chains / Would? / Eb Standard
Audioslave / Be Yourself / E Standard
Audioslave / Cochise / E Standard
Audioslave / I Am The Highway / E Standard
Audioslave / Like a Stone / E Standard
Audioslave / Show Me How to Live / Drop D
Bush / Comedown / E Standard
Bush / Everything Zen / E Standard
Bush / Glycerine / E Standard
Bush / Swallowed / E Standard
Garbage / I Think I’m Paranoid / Drop D
Garbage / I Think I’m Paranoid / E Standard
Garbage / Only Happy When It Rains / E Standard
Garbage / Stupid Girl / E Standard
Incubus / Drive / E Standard
Incubus / Megalomaniac / E Standard
Incubus / Pardon Me / E Standard
Incubus / Stellar / E Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Bold As Love / Eb Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Castles Made of Sand / E Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Fire / E Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Foxey Lady / E Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Freedom / Eb Standard
Jimi Hendrix / If 6 Was 9 / Eb Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Little Wing / Eb Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Manic Depression / Eb Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Purple Haze / E Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Red House / Eb Standard
Jimi Hendrix / The Wind Cries Mary / E Standard
Jimi Hendrix / Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Eb Standard
Joy Division / Disorder / E Standard
Joy Division / Love Will Tear Us Apart / E Standard
Joy Division / Transmission / E Standard
Manic Street Preachers / Motorcycle Emptiness / E Standard
Muddy Waters / Honey Bee / E Standard
Muddy Waters / I Can’t Be Satisfied / E Standard
Muddy Waters / I Can’t Be Satisfied / Open G
Muddy Waters / Mannish Boy / E Standard
Muddy Waters / Still A Fool / E Standard
Muse / Hysteria / E Standard
Muse / Muscle Museum / E Standard
Muse / Stockholm Syndrome / Drop D
Muse / Supermassive Black Hole / E Standard
Muse / Time Is Running Out / E Standard
Nina Simone / Feeling Good / E Standard
No Doubt / Don’t Speak / E Standard
Oasis / Champagne Supernova / E Standard
Oasis / Live Forever / E Standard
Oasis / Some Might Say / E Standard
Oasis / Supersonic / E Standard
Oasis / Wonderwall / E Standard
Pearl Jam / Do the Evolution / E Standard
Pearl Jam / Even Flow / Drop D
Pearl Jam / Even Flow / E Standard
Pearl Jam / Even Flow / Open D
Pearl Jam / Last Exit / E Standard
Pearl Jam / Rearviewmirror / E Standard
Pearl Jam / Yellow Ledbetter / E Standard
Pixies / Debaser / E Standard
Pixies / Hey / E Standard
Pixies / Monkey Gone to Heaven / E Standard
Pixies / Wave of Mutilation / E Standard
Primus / Jerry Was a Race Car Driver / E Standard
Primus / South Park Theme / E Standard
Primus / Tommy the Cat / E Standard
Primus / Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver / E Standard
Queens of the Stone Age / 3’s & 7’s / C Standard
Queens of the Stone Age / I Appear Missing / E Standard
Queens of the Stone Age / Little Sister / E Standard
Queens of the Stone Age / Make It Wit Chu / E Standard
Queens of the Stone Age / No One Knows / C Standard
R.E.M. / Everybody Hurts / E Standard
R.E.M. / Shiny Happy People / E Standard
R.E.M. / The One I Love / E Standard
R.E.M. / Überlin / D Standard
R.E.M. / What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? / E Standard
Radiohead / Airbag / E Standard
Radiohead / Creep / E Standard
Radiohead / Fake Plastic Trees / E Standard
Radiohead / Jigsaw Falling Into Place / E Standard
Radiohead / Jigsaw Falling Into Place / Other
Radiohead / Just / E Standard
Radiohead / Karma Police / E Standard
Radiohead / My Iron Lung / E Standard
Radiohead / My Iron Lung / Open Em9
Radiohead / No Surprises / E Standard
Radiohead / Optimistic / Drop D
Radiohead / Optimistic / Open Dm7
Radiohead / Street Spirit (Fade Out) / E Standard
Radiohead / There There / E Standard
Radiohead / There There / Other
Rage Against the Machine / Bombtrack / E Standard
Rage Against the Machine / Killing in the Name / Drop D
Rage Against the Machine / Know Your Enemy / E Standard
Rage Against the Machine / Wake Up / Drop D
Royal Blood / Figure It Out / E Standard
Royal Blood / Little Monster / C Standard
Royal Blood / Little Monster / E Standard
Royal Blood / Out of the Black / D Standard
Simple Minds / Don’t You (Forget About Me) / E Standard
Soundgarden / Black Hole Sun / Drop D
Soundgarden / Fell on Black Days / E Standard
Soundgarden / Jesus Christ Pose / Drop D
Soundgarden / Pretty Noose / CGCGGE
Soundgarden / Pretty Noose / Other
Soundgarden / Spoonman / Drop D
Stone Temple Pilots / Big Empty / E Standard
Stone Temple Pilots / Creep / E Standard
Stone Temple Pilots / Interstate Love Song / E Standard
Stone Temple Pilots / Plush / E Standard
Stone Temple Pilots / Sex Type Thing / E Standard
Stone Temple Pilots / Wicked Garden / E Standard
The Cardigans / Erase/Rewind / E Standard
The Cardigans / Lovefool / E Standard
The Cardigans / My Favourite Game / E Standard
The Cranberries / Zombie / E Standard
The Killers / Mr. Brightside / Eb Standard
The Killers / Runaways / Eb Standard
The Killers / Somebody Told Me / Eb Standard
The Killers / Spaceman / E Standard
The Killers / When You Were Young / Eb Standard
The Stone Roses / I Wanna Be Adored / E Standard
The Stone Roses / Love Spreads / D Standard
The Stone Roses / Love Spreads / Drop D
The Stone Roses / Love Spreads / Open D
The Stone Roses / She Bangs the Drums / E Standard
U2 / Beautiful Day / E Standard
U2 / Sunday Bloody Sunday / Eb Standard
U2 / Vertigo / E Standard
U2 / Where the Streets Have No Name / E Standard
U2 / With or Without You / Drop D
U2 / With or Without You / E Standard

Bombtrack would be a good one, as I know the correct rhythms and notes of that one and could check it.

What are we checking for, and what is the process on your end for this experiment?

So, I have several sources for tabs when creating videos:

  • Original Rocksmith: high quality
  • @Alex_B transcription: high quality
  • CustomForge/Ignitionsearch: crowd-driven, can be good, can be sh#t.
  • Internet/Songster GP5: crowd-driven, can be good, can be sh#t. Often not synched correctly, so I need to resynch with Go Playalong
  • Internet/MIDI: crowd-driven, can be good, can be sh#t. Often not synched correctly, so I need to resynch with Go Playalong

If we test an original Rocksmith, we can detect the rootcause of the issues you see.
The Rocksmith files should be perfect. If you still see issues, it’s the software I use. If not, it’s the (other) sources…

Here you go:

Good choice, by the way!

EDIT added PDF…

I could take a look at Debaser. If it screws up chugged eighth notes there is no hope :rofl:

I am also super familiar with Disorder, could take a look. Here’s my bandmate and I covering it: