The Story Behind Your Profile Pic?

I lived the first 25 years or so in Texas, but have lived the last 20 or so in the UK. Will soon be a citizen of the UK in addition to the US. So my avatar is the Texas flag and UK flag.


It’s my dog. She has no teeth so her tongue is always hanging out :stuck_out_tongue:


Its just me and my cat… Im living with my parents atm and my dad brought her back as a stray and she immediately took to me… So i have a cat now I wasnt expecting… Love her though shes a lot of fun but also a nightmare with prolific hunting.


Selfie in the car (at a stop…) with my then Puppy in the back.


I have a friend I’ve known for 35 years. He’s weird and smart and a cool guy. He has also done quite well for himself. For ten years, on his birthday, he would rent out a club, redecorate the whole place, and arrange a show.

The redecorating alone would take 4-6 hours and we would transform this seedy metal bar into a 1920’s style burlesque theatre. I say we, but all I did was grunt work. He designed, arranged, and paid for everything. We switched out all the white lights for red lights. Brought in table cloths, table lights, stage extensions, fog machine, wall art, black and red velvet wall cloth wall covers, and so much more. One year there was a tentacle wall and every year there were blow up tentacles and finger tentacles for everyone.

Every year there were two bands (one of which was always Gargamel! from Tampa FL), stage dancers, a DJ, and an amazing burlesque show. All of these performers were top notch and really professional.

He also had it catered with a selection of Mexican food, pizza, and desserts that always included some form of red velvet cake. At the end of the night (2:15-3:00), when the lights would come on and we would start breaking everything down, he would invite the homeless folks that hung out near by to come in and take all the food they wanted. There was always a lot of food left and the homeless guys acted like they had hit the lottery.

On top of all this, costumes were welcome (but not required). Over the years there were luchadores, an 8’ alien, more than one giant rabbit, flappers, goth people, a 6’4" Slender Man, and a contingent of the local 501st Stormtroopers with Darth Vader and Imperial Guards. This list could go on and on.

More than anything, he put on this event as an excuse to gather together old friends to share an amazing night. People came from all over the US and from as far away as Germany and Japan.

We would start working at 10 AM. The show went from 8 PM to 2 AM and we would get home at around 4 AM. It was exhausting and worth it. Every… Single… Year.

This picture was taken at about 2:10 AM right as the lights were coming on. It’s one of my favorite pictures of me and comes with a lot of memories.

One last thing, my friend, Wade, didn’t just hire all these people, he built relationships with them. He always made sure everybody was fed, taken care of, and well paid. Many of them became personal friends over the years.


What a cool guy!


I didn’t know where you were going with that. At first I thought you were going to say the picture is actually of your friend. :upside_down_face:

I’m really impressed by your memory on something like that. Clearly it had an impact on you. I’m jealous of people with good memories. Mine is really really bad.


I forgot one point about the picture.

There is a bright red lipstick kiss on my head. For the last show he did, the Mistress of Ceremonies was Kissa Von Addams. At the end of the show she was goofing around with me and gave me a big kiss right on my bald head. That’s the reason for the big smile.


You old devil, you . . . Eric :wink:


My first profile pic was a selfie of me holding my bass right after I had unpacked it, trying to look somewhat cool. I recently upgraded to me actually playing it, when I recorded my attempts at Blitzkrieg Bop. :sweat_smile: