Upgrade Day! Anyone Else Upgrading?

No, the Orange bass had OEM strings - I just got the bass yesterday, no idea what brand they were. The OEM stuff tinged and was scratchy. Just got the bass yesterday.

I put DR Pure Blues on my DQ (45:105) last week but that was a mistake - mistake in gauge only, I should have purchased 40:100. Will be more careful in the future which blue box I get


DR are great strings!


Yeah, I have a set of Low Riders to go with my Stinger pup, as that’s the strings Sting uses. Will probably be a few weeks until I put them on, I am in my commitment period; I will be playing my orange crush bass exclusively for a few weeks so we get to know each other. It’s sort of a habit. (Collar me, don’t collar me) I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush.

I need to record though. Maybe an exception this weekend


Post Your Covers :metal:


Yeah, you need to record the 54P…you promised!


It’s New Mac Day for me, the M2 Pro Mini is just too good of a deal (for a Mac). Spent a few hours moving all my music production stuff off of my Windows machine, back to a good OS experience that I actually enjoy using. And now my Windows machine can become a pure gaming box, which it is very very good at, and the required interaction with Windows is minimal. Feels good.

Another bonus is that this may free up my linux partition, which I was only really maintaining because I didn’t trust Windows to not get pwned. I like linux a lot, did software development in it for many years (more than 10), but I like MacOS a lot more.

Now the big question is whether or not I want to splurge for Logic. On the one hand, I like Reaper a whole lot and have a lot of time invested in it; plus, it’s faster and more reliable by reputation. On the other hand, Logic will be nice to use and has a really polished UI, and comes with a lot of great plugins. And the drummers are awesome. Eh, $200, not urgent at all. Will probably wait.


I got a Mac Studio with 64GB of memory and a Studio Display to replace my trusty 27”
iMac. The Studio is blazing fast. I dig it.

Also got two K&M monitor stands for my Genelecs. These German hunks of steel weigh almost as much as the speakers! Rock-solid and height-adjustable. Pricey, but great quality.

Finally, got my M-Audio Hammer 88 unpacked, perched on its stand, and connected to my iMac. Next will be software downloading/setup, then hearing how it sounds. Christmas came early.


The Studios are simply great. I just couldn’t justify the extra grand or so for a personal machine. Definitely the way to go for a work machine.

Sweet! Might want to check out Arturia Analogue Lab.


:100: That’s exactly what my Studio is for. I use it to do all my client website development, animations, video editing, graphics creation, storyboards, scriptwriting, etc. on it. My iMac will now serve as my music studio work station.

Gonna get Apple Logic next.



My personal machine is a 13’’ M2 MacBook Pro and I use a “cheap” HP 27’’ monitor when at my desk at home - that monitor is totally fine for what I am doing most (all kinds of music-related stuff, some writing, almost no graphics or video stuff)

Well, good to see you’ll soon be joining the Logic community, @howard and @MikeC :smile:


Pretty sure the M1 Mac mini is already good enough for most people for the next 6-8 years. My MacBook from 2017 is still going strong. Think Apple will be launching a +1 M every year now. It’s crazy.

Logic is awesome. I’m still struggling deciding between Ableton and Logic. :sweat_smile:


I went with Abelton knowing little to nothing.
A buddy of mine used it so I figured I’d have free tech support.
I have limited experience with Logic so really can’t fully compare but can make these observations about Abelton….

  • there is a lot of functionality for live show programming that is useless to me (and most here).
  • the dual screen modes mean quite a bit flipping back and forth between two screens but, offers two screens of info Vs one.
  • I bought a Behringer controller (looks like a mixing board) and it’s a big help in mixing editing etc.
  • I took an online class about Abelton and now I’m invested enough that I don’t think I’ll switch but always wonder if logic was a better choice.

Either is much more powerful than we here will ever need try the demos of both and see how they run oand how you feel about the UIs and decide.


This is the exact same case for me. I already invested in Ableton. Life is too short to figure them out both :upside_down_face:


They probably can do all the “basic” stuff equally well, and - as @John_E pointed out - both can do way more than most of us will ever need.

However, there might be small differences that can make one lean towards either one of them. For many that have already owned Macs before, knowledge of GarageBand makes adoption of Logic much easier. Also, for me personally, I just got a bunch of patches that work only with the ES2 software synth, which - I think - only exists in Logic.

Yes, again as far as I have heard, this is were Abelton has an edge; Apple, in fact, has a separate program for live use called MainStage (about USD 30), which can do on-the-fly stuff that is not possible/necessary in a DAW, but whose interface appears to be very familiar for anyone using Logic nonetheless.


I’ve been riding a Mac since 1984. I’ve used Final Cut and Final Cut Pro X since v1.0 of each.

Before Logic, there was Apple Soundtrack. It was much simpler and more user-friendly than Logic is, but it was also less feature-rich for pro users. Kinda analgous to Final Cut versus FCPX.

FCPX has incorporated many audio editing features of Logic. I use it to mix narrator VOs and music tracks for client videos.

Logic is the next step beyond. Looking forward to it.


The only thing keeping me from it is technically a step down from Reaper. But where it trails in raw functionality it does lead in bundled plugins. Reaper’s are good but very very spartan.

Plus it will have a much more mac-like UI, which would be nice.


How so?

Not challenging your view, just curious. I really don’t know Reaper at all.

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Track flexibility and editing are the common comparisons I hear people making pointing at Reaper coming out on top, with Logic winning in ease of use.


Reaper exists for MacOS. just saying. :slight_smile:


I know :grin: I had it downloaded for testing, but didn’t get too far… Apple had groomed me well for Logic with years of Garageband :wink: