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I am guessing you can nail a harmonica and ukelele and get a superhero cape too.

I have a harmonica and always wanted to learn.
Actually have a uke too!


I initially took up the Bass for the same reason I took up the ukulele. Two less strings and the same fretboard layout as the 6 string at lest for a Baritone uke. So I figured chords on a Uke would be a breeze and they are. For example, a C chord on a Soprano, Concert and Tenor Uke is only 1 finger on the third fret of the first string.
I learned that the Uke was the perfect fit for things like playing campfire songs and improv sing-alongs and is a lot smaller than a jumbo or standard sized guitar, or even an acoustic travel guitar for that matter.
To me the Uke is primarily a rhythm instrument, but can be used to solo, but most players don’t, so the bottom line is you can play complete songs without any accompaniment at a sing-along.

I found the Bass to be a different kettle of fish altogether.
Finding, fretting, and playing notes was a breeze BUT playing chords solo to a song does not sound as good compared to the Uke, probably because a lot of the chords on Bass woud be played as power chords IMHO. I discovered it was not really something you could use by itself at a sing-along. Sure you could play the melody line up the fretboard but it would not sound as good without filling in the rhythm with some full chord tones.

I started B2B near the beginning of 2021 but cancelled it after a couple of weeks because I was not getting my money’s worth. I told Josh I would wait for the Intermediate course. He agreed. Then 5 months later when I asked when the Intermediate course was going to launch Josh said that there were plans for an intermediate course but it was not going to happen in 2021.

This was the reason I started to look for a harmonica course. My plan was, and still is, is to use it primarily in the same fashion as the ukulele ie. as a stand alone rhythm instrument. Of course the problem is you can’t play harmonica and sing at the same time but at least I will be able to play a complete song and listeners will know what I am playing, assuming they know the song of course.

That is how this whole harmonica thing came about being.

Don’t get me wrong, so far this is the best site I have found for learning the harmonica but I just pulled back a little when I saw the site similarities and wanted to see what the deal was.

Funny enough the ukulele course site is not structured the same.

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@Celticstar are you planning on camping in British Columbia with your harmonica any time soon? Asking for a friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had a look over the site and found another interesting thing. The harmonica people have an intermediate course:

Basically lessons for Blues Harmonica. But it seems it’s made by another teacher.




Hey gang! There is no tomfoolery or shady shenanigans happening - Harmonica and BB are part of the same small business! JP started the harmonica business a long time ago, and they brought me on to start a bass brand with them, which is where BassBuzz was born.

Harmonica got a facelift recently, and we copied design over from BB, with some tweaks.

Luke, who’s the new face of Harmonica, is a great teacher and a nice guy, if anyone wants to learn harp!

EDIT: And regarding Dan - I swear he’s a real person, who we really used as a guinea pig for both courses. There’s not a lot of cross over between bass and harmonica skills, which I can prove any time with my harmonica playing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, figured it had to be something like that.


Amazing !!


Thanks for setting the record straight. I’ll be able to finally get some sleep tonight! LOL


That is a 3,000 mile trip (one way) so no.


I started this thread to get clarification and to let you know the BassBuzz site had basically been cloned for another instrument and artist.

Thank you for the clarification.


I swear I’ve never considered it but…

I think I might want to learn harmonica :thinking:


Hey, If Dan can, then…


go fer it! let us know how it compares


Photo of Dan after he completes JP’s entire suite of music beginner lessons:


Yes, but it’s incomplete. It was hard to get the concert grand in the subway, and the cathedral wouldn’t let Dan carry out the pipe organ.


(@itsratso Mike starts a “Show us your Harmonica” thread)




ooo ooo do melodica next!

did you sign up? how was it?