What to do with a set of new strings that I don't like?

I decided to try a new brand of strings. I didn’t like them, so I took them off and replaced them with my usual brand. What should I do with the strings I took off? It seems a shame to throw them away after forking out $19 for them. Have any of you managed to sell strings in a similar situation?


This if you ever played the Hitman series.


I started a Gear it Forward thread here.

You could do that.

or, put them in a drawer where all the other future ones you don’t like will end up as well (yes, its a thing).


Not enough information on the strings.

If they are the same type ie. Round wound, flat wound etc, and the same gauge, just keep them as a back up. If you are sure you are not going to use them then you could try to sell them to one of your jam buddies for say $12 - $15.

One time I purchased a set of strings and they were shelved incorrectly behind the counter in the music store and they were the wrong gauge. Of course I did not notice this until I went to change them. I sold them at a jam session for 1/2 price. My fault for not checking and I just put it down to - Live and learn. :slightly_smiling_face:

I always have a spare set of strings in my case, along with spare batteries, a truss rod key, and a tuner. Learned the hard way many years ago after going to a session 2 hrs drive away and snapping the high E string on one of my acoustic guitars, on the initial tune up and not having a spare set of strings.


I’ve passed strings I didn’t like to some of the younger kids playing bass locally. They like trying them out and it saves them a few €£$.

If I’m changing the strings due to age I dispose of them.

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What kind of strings did you get for $19???

Every halfway decent set of strings I’ve ever purchased has been $30 and up. Not to be judgmental, but that might be the reason you didn’t like them, LOL.

To answer your question, I have a shelf full of strings that I tried and didn’t like. I’ve never thrown a set away as they come in handy in the future for experimenting or emergency use.


You can get good rounds for $19.

I recommend these:

actually about my favorite strings, those or the NYXL.


Supply chain issue for round wound strings finally explained!! :rofl:


I didn’t realize rounds were so cheap, but it’s understandable.

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Well, you get what you pay for, right @PamPurrs?


Yeah, and that explains why so many basses come with rounds… economics.

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They were GHS Bass Boomers. I replaced them with DR Sunbeams ($22 from Amazon).

The Boomers were too stiff. I think the hex cores are the culprits. I like the Sunbeams, but they only last a couple of months for me. The search for the perfect strings continues…


Thuddy, dead sounding strings are expensive, it turns out?

But hey, you got what you paid for :slight_smile:


Yeah, I shudder when I think of all those thuddy, dead sounding basslines that James Jamerson, Carole Kaye, Pino Palladino, etc. put out. (shudder)… LOL.
Hey it’s all in what you like, what feels good, and what puts out the music you love. I’m willing to pay more for flats, and so are lots of other people.

@PamPurrs The Boomers seemed smoother than the DR strings I usually use. You might find you despise them less than other round wound strings.

I wonder if the DRs need replacing so frequently because their roughness leads to an accumulation of skin particles and other gunk. I might try the round core Boomers in the future.


28% of you, it seems, from the poll :slight_smile:


I don’t care if it’s 1%. It’s what I like and that’s all that matters. I’m a lioness, not a sheep.


I just paid Aud$110 for dead thuddy labella 760ms…bugger.


I prescribe:




My EB Slinky Rounds cost like $22 after tax. Maybe strings are just more expensive where you are?