What's everyone's favorite song to play?

I feel a tiny bit like the Rocksmith Ambassador to BassBuzzlandia. You’re right, it’s liek rockband or guitar hero, only it uses real instruments and techniques. There are two flavors now, Rocksmith+ subscription based, and Rocksmith 2014 Remastered legacy version (available for PC, Xbox and Playstation). The killer feature on the legacy version is ~ 50,000 songs available legally for free via customsforge. I feel like maybe I should do a Rocksmith Primer thread? Ideally I could add a video that shows just how impressive it can be as a practice tool. I’ve been using it for 3 years, and I have never actually used the game features - it’s just perpetually in “Learn a Song” mode for me.

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Thanks @KenKnight does customforged work on Mac?

Customsforge is a website that you can search to find Rocksmith files. Those files are either p.psarc for PC files or m.psarc for Mac files. So if you have a Mac running the Mac version of Rocksmith you can easily search Customsforge to find songs - and it even has filter features so you can find only m.psarc files if you like.

One note: If you want to play rocksmith files/songs, but don’t have Rocksmith or want to get Rocksmith, you can use the program Tonelib Jam. It’s actually more expensive that Rocksmith and doesn’t have any game features - but is an excellent practice tool with all kinds of things that Rocksmith can’t do like display tab or regular music notation, record yourself, etc. One of Tonelib Jam’s killer features is that it can natively read Rocksmith files for Mac and PC, GuitarPro, and many other file formats. More info on this thread.

Full instructions for how to use custom songs (CDLC) are here:

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Thanks @KenKnight I’ll check it out.

Rush-specifically Tom Sawyer.

I’m not good enough for Iron Maiden yet even though they’re my favorite band. I’ll get there.