50 Songs for B2B - Upgraded and Digital 🤖

Hey everybody! I’m excited to tell you that we have replaced the Hal Leonard 50 Songs book that used to be shipped out physically with the Beginner to Badass course… with our own digital 50 Songs pack, accessible through your Course Extras page!

The new song pack is available to all B2B students, past present and future. You’ll recognize some of the songs from the old book, but I took out the ridiculously hard ones (Black Dog? Hysteria? Seriously?), added more full songs from the course (Don’t Stop Believin’, baby!), and lots of other good stuff.

I had the pleasure of making most of the charts for you myself, so you can be 100% sure that the notes, rhythms and fingerings are all Josh-approved.

The rest of the charts were made by none other than our beloved @Gio Benedetti, who crushed it! It was super fun collaborating on this project. :heart:

All the charts are playable through a Noteflight player right on the page, so you can play-along at a wide range of tempos, or just put up the chart and find the original song to play along with.

I separated the 50 songs into three difficulty levels, so you can start at Level 1 if you want some fun confidence boosters, or hit Level 3 if you want to stretch the boundaries of your B2B-level skills.



Thanks Josh! Really appreciate you taking care of us, and it’s cool that you and Gio put your marks on it as well.

I’m time starved as a student, but I really do enjoy this course and all the other material that you’ve made over the years. Despite my schedule, the course is making it’s impact.



Thanks Josh, this is fantastic! I know parts of most of these songs, so it is great to have actuate tabs for the full songs! Some good songs in there that I had planned to go back and learn the full song to but never did. Great addition to the extras! House of the Raising Sun is up first for me.


THANK YOU @JoshFossgreen and @Gio !!! This is so awesome! And the best thing is, it has actual music notation in addition to the tab, which is absent in the Hal Leonard book. That is the reason I’ve never used the Leonard book, because all the songs are in tab without notation. I know many people always play from tab, but I so much prefer playing from the actual notation!

I will definitely put this to good use!


Hell yeah, thanks guys! I may just have to start transcribing some of the Easy ones, or the Ramones tracks now, for practice :grinning: And see how accurate I was, and know that your tabs are the right ones.

Here is a link to the Course Extras page, it’s hard to find:


This is such a worthy project! Thanks @JoshFossgreen and BassBuzz for having me assist. Pretty awesome body of work.


Thank YOU @Gio!


Most excellent @JoshFossgreen @Gio and the team ,I had to have a shot on Cream.
It’s great that they are songs that we already do but the full thing.
There was also a sign up option offering all sort’s of features.
Hi Ho off to module 3 I go. :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes indeed, please let me add my thanks to @JoshFossgreen and to @Gio for this super great upgrade to the B2B community . . . :slight_smile:

Your efforts are really appreciated, guys! :+1:

All best, Joe


It’s ironic that Sunshine of your Love is included. I’ve been working on that one for a couple weeks and just about have it nailed. I’m planning to post my cover.


I first played that on the bagpipes back in 69 :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar:


Wow, I can’t imagine that song on the pipes. I’d love to hear your cover of SOYL on the pipes, and I’m sure @PeteP
would as well, given his love of that instrument :laughing:


I’ve seen some other threads suggesting something similar, but now that we have the new resource, it might be fun/educational to pick one song a month for everyone to focus on. Maybe they can play it note for note or improvise over it. Could upload videos of us playing it (optional) for sharing and feedback. Just an idea, but I think it could be interesting to try.


Awesome! Thank you @JoshFossgreen & @Gio!


Awesome job @JoshFossgreen and @Gio! Looks like a ton of work went into making this for all of us. Release couldn’t come at a better time with most of us staying inside.

I’m super excited to dig through this list once I get a little further in B2B.


Thanks @JoshFossgreen and @Gio. Great work.

This came out just in the nick of time. I got my 50 song book in the mail yesterday. Lol.

Heck, I would send it back for you to send back to the publisher for refund, except.:astonished:

Haha haha…

Guess what song I started learning last night.:joy:

I never would have guessed it one of the hardest in the book, it it was hidden there right in the front of the book, where one would think would be the easier ones.
Oh well, I was making out alright at the beginning. Think cuz it’s such an iconic opening, you can just feel it withought having to think about it, just gotta get the fingers moving to the rythem,
I didn’t attempt any more of it yet.

Probably will stick to some easy songs, and start learning complete songs, start to finish, instead of just the recognizable riff.

Thanks again guys for keeping BazzBuzz GREAT!


Checked to see if you left Uptown Funk in there, nope, axed, good call :slight_smile:

The main riff is not bad and a nice hammer-on intro but the other parts are hard.


This is so damn cool. Thank you! :+1:

Out of curiosity, I’ve been looking at Fender Play and I noticed a few things.

  1. BassBuzz has 50 songs for Bass
  2. Fender Play has 40 songs for Bass
  3. BassBuzz songs are complete
  4. Fender Play songs are simplified/partial versions

@JoshFossgreen @Gio You guys are f@cking awesome!


Thank you kindly Josh!!!