Hello fellow BassBuzzers


Yayyy, the new forum is alive. Just started Josh’s lessons a couple of months ago, and am having a blast so far! I originally got an Ibanez but realized my hands were not really the ideal size once I got into a few of the lessons and running into some difficulty. After a little research, I discovered the wonderful world of the “short scale” bass. A lot of manufacturers have models that are in the 28 or 30 inch range, rather than the standard 34. Once I made the switch, I couldn’t be happier.


When I started learning, I was using a mate’s bass and amp, but it didn’t inspire me to play. Once I started looking around, I decided on a Fender P-Bass and now I love to pick it up and play it. Same with anything.


Hey! Well the forum is finally coming to life for real, and I’m happy to hear that short scale is making a difference for you! That bass looks awesome, I really like those short scale Fenders. Purdy red finish too. :slight_smile:


That is a really nice looking bass.


I Played a P bass in the 60s. Yes, I’m that old. I never really learned how to play correctly. I just did what I was told to do. Now, I was given a Squire bass for my birth day. I wanted to play with my granddaughter, she is 8 and quite a little bass player. Well I couldn’t keep up. I looked around and found this course and what a difference it made! I didn’t get my bass setup right away like recommended but as the course progressed I felt a need to do that. Again, Wow! It’s much easier to play now. I did add flat strings mostly because that is what I played as a teenager back in the day. I love the sound but don’t recommend them as they are a bit stiffer. Sorry to go on like this. I just want to say that this course is GREAT!


I’m jealous of the 60’s P bass experience, Nicholas! That’s awesome your granddaughter is playing bass so young, and hopefully you’ll be able to show her a thing or two pretty soon. :slight_smile:

And no need to apologize for going on, talking is the very point of this forum!


I also went out and bought a short scale Bass ! I have a full scale one and have been going back in forth between the two of them . I enjoy playing on the short scale bass better. Too early in the game to have a preference yet.


Hi all, great to have the forum up and running. I’m 61 and started the bass just 8 weeks ago. No previous music experience other than strumming a few chords a long time ago. Loving the course! I bought a Sterling by Music Man Sub 4 ( what a mouthful) in walnut finish and think it is a classy instrument at a great price point. Currently in module 12 but realise lots of practice time required to build up mental and physical stamina plus accuracy to be able to play well for longer than a minute or two at a time. Keep on rockin !


I have that same bass. I take it on the road with me. I’m a short scaler too! This is my home bass. :rofl: I crack myself up!


Josh, Thank you, I really didn’t expect you to reply! Bass Buzz has been such an incredibly positive experience. While I am far from a Bad Ass player being able to play has been the greatest. I even have a bass name!! Jurassic Thump!


Oh, expect the reply, I’m here to hang! :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you’re having a great time and sweet nickname.


Hi everyone,

I want to correct a statement that I made earlier. I put D`Addario Chromes on my bass and said that the were stiff. Not so! The more I play them the more I love them. Not just the sound but the feel!
pmullen - I hear you! I am on 12 myself and I have slowed down to practice more before I move on.
asantora - That bass is beautiful! Did it come with that paint?

Josh - I want to say that you have put together just what you promised, a very good and fast way to learn how to play the bass. But, it’s your no pressure approach that makes it work for me!


asantora - That bass is beautiful! Did it come with that paint?

Yes it did.


Great to hear Nicholas! Glad it comes off that way.


This is my current bass

a Dean Edge, starting over after a 35 year break. My first one was a Concerto that I got in the grade school in the late 70’s. Decided I’m gonna teach my granddaughter to play but she’s kinda small so we are starting with a topic Josh has talked about but haven’t seen a lesson for yet, Bass Face. Think she has a good start, better than mine anyways.


Haha that is a great bass face! So studied and solemn, you can tell the bass playing is killer!