Jam tracks

Hello what app should i download for jam tracks? Thanks

Just a few hits:

If you would like to see examples of jam tracks using Tonelib Jam, look here:

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ’jam tracks’, but if you mean songs with the bass isolated or removed, that you can play along to, then I use Moises. Basically, you upload an MP3 file and it splits it into bass, drums, vocals, guitar etc. You can then either listen to the individual tracks or remove one of them and play along. The version I use tells you which chord is being played, so in conjunction with a tab (I just google the song) you can play along with pretty much anything.

The added bonus is that you can download the individual tracks into a DAW (say GarageBand) and record yourself putting the bass back in.

One of the best for me is spark app. I used to be able to use it without spark amp.

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