Post your covers! (2023)

I swear, sometimes when I put the audio in iMovie, it will either make the bass way quieter or louder. And then sometimes I’ll go back into GarageBand and fix it… well, only when it makes the bass quieter.


By the way I really like that band, hadn’t heard them. That kind of reminds me of a slightly milder “Silent Alarm”-era Bloc Party with a bassline by Simon Gallup.


Dang, lots of catching up to do! Can’t wait to listen to them all. I know I said I was going to move on to different genres for my next cover…I lied. There was one song that I really wanted to add to my covers playlist, as it is my favorite Deftones song. Spent almost two weeks on this one, though the transcription took me quite a while. The main riff is pretty simple but it was challenging for me to play it in time. Played this one over the neck pickup for once, mostly to make @Al1885 happy :rofl:

There’s a few mistakes in here, but I left 'em in anyway. Hope you guys enjoy!

Deftones - Cherry Waves

I tabbed this one from scratch & feel pretty confident in the transcription. Close enough anyway!


A little Swedish doom metal today…


I’ve just realized that your bass and your cat are somewhat … colored matched ^^

  • For a first cover, that is down right amazing. Nice playing ! And with a pick, no less (not everyone will find it that easy)
  • I love your bass and especially what it seems to be … black strings ? DR Strings Black Beauties BKB-45 maybe ? (GAS kicking in)
    Overall, nice work ! Looked cool, sounded even cooler.

Just installed the Final Cut Pro for iPad Pro. It’s quite amazing how easy it is to use it. I’m not a fan of Maroon 5, but their songs are pretty catchy and my daughter is learning that on her Ukulele and I’m trying to shift her to Ubass, lol.

I use the Multicam feature on the FCP which automatically sync the audio, it’s fun. Although, adding transition and title is pretty new to me and it was messing with the timeline so I just went to iMovie on iPad to finish the filter and titles. Hopefully I’d get the kink worked out by the next one.

Won’t go home without you by Maroon 5


thanks alot for the feedback
the strings are rotos (tru bass 88)
I also posted pics of the bass when I first stickerbombed it if you want to see pics


I had not heard of Bloc Party. I listened to a few songs yesterday and plan to finish the album next week. Good stuff.


Highly recommend the Deluxe version of their album Silent Alarm. It’s got to be one of the best debut albums of all time.

The Silent Alarm Remix album is great too. After those I would say Intimacy.


Much closer @Huth_S0lo

I feel it’s missing a bit of the “groove” still (it’s quite a funny riff) but I think that will come with time as you get more comfortable with it.

Keep on it!!

As an aside - non-full song covers etc go in a thread called “post your practice fragments”.

This thread is really for full songs.


Funky @DLiqacy.

Well done and nice tone to boot!


Don’t know this song but do now and like it a lot.

Great job on it too @PR_9207
Love the crunchy klang to your tone too.


Nicely done @Ant man!

Liked it a lot


Totally not my gig but fantastic playing as usual @Justin3 !!


Wow! Six covers in twenty-four hours and all very well done! Great job @Huth_S0lo , @DLiqacy , @PR_9207 , @Ant , @Justin3 , @Al1885 !


Really well done my friend @PR_9207 you are in sync with the drums the whole time. Bass sounds deliciously crisps. :heart_eyes:


Masterful @Ant love the counter melody riffs and the open string double stops sounds great. Nice and warm tone from the “neck pickup” too, lol. Great job man!


That’s text book @Justin3. Can’t buy fingertone like that. It’s like fine, it gets better with age.

Man! The singer is really intense, lol.


Thank you @JerryP


loved this cover man. absolutely love the tone of that Squier! fun song too, well done buddy.

@Al1885 I always enjoy your posts because I can almost guarantee I’ve never heard the song you’re about to play! Smooth as always. I really did force myself off the bridge pickup because of you. +1 for motivating me

@g13dip well done! as John said, don’t point out the stuff you think you’re doing wrong. all it does is make people look for it. We’re all here to get better, no one expects flawless studio quality covers. Every time you post you’ll feel less self conscious, trust me.

@Huth_S0lo I admire the dedication. Hard for me to really hear it without the amp though. screw the missus!

@DLiqacy German anime theme song…not sure what to say lol! your playing was smooth, can’t say I have any idea about the music though :rofl:

appreciate everyone’s kind words as always! already working on the next one…