Post your covers! (2023)

Hi all :v::grin:

This is the 2023 “Post your covers !” thread, created because the initial post is reaching the 10000 posts (and it causes technical problems). I will most probably create one new post per year, in the future.

So, for the newcomers, here is the concept :

I thought it would be a good idea to share our bass covers here. I hope it may encourage some of you to get into recording, finding tabs by ears (or on the internet), playing the songs that really make your heart vibrate. All of that means great fun and great progression. It could also be a way to give and receive advices and constructive criticism about our playing techniques, rythmic accuracy, groove, bass tone … in a nutshell I think it would be great !

If you don’t know how to create a backing track from an album track, and replace the existing bass line by yours, we discuss the subject here : "remove" the bass line from a track

Also @PamPurrs and @John_E created a great and useful tutorial about how you can record yourself : Pam and John's "How To Record Yourself" Parts 1 & 2 (Audio & Video)

Of course there’s no minimum skill and difficulty level required :grin: and remember that we’re all here to progress and have fun. So, don’t be shy, make and share your bass covers ! these could be pure audio tracks, or video if you prefer (easy to upload and share on Soundcloud and/or Youtube, hoping the ContentID filter won’t be too rude with us)

A cover can be either a video (more fun) or an audio track (easier at first). Please, when you share a cover, I ask you to write very clearly in your post the artist/band and the name of the song. It helps me a lot keeping a list of all our covers, and do a yearly count.


Wait what 10,000 posts? This is already 2023?

I hope the condiments thread get there soon, :joy:


In addition, since I’ve seen some struggle to post videos on various different videos platforms lately, I would like to introduce a fallback link to my server if all else fails :

mediaklan’s picoshare

This is a container (docker) I run with a little app called picoshare. There is a basic interface that lets you upload your video, then you can share the resulted link back here.

Of course, don’t go abusing the thing please, I don’t have the storage capacity of [insert random crazy datacenter powered brand here] ^^´


thank you @mediaklan ! that’s very nice :slight_smile:

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First come, First served
You’re welcome to try @terb ^^ (I’ve edited the link, don’t know how I could got it wrong, this should work now)


That’s fine for me, as I have my own website for my covers, but it’s very nice to bring this help, especially for newcomers. So, yeah, thank you :slight_smile:

(by the way, is it a PHP script ?)

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A couple of weeks, ok, 4, ago my brother said, Let’s learn She Talks To Angels by The Black Crows!

I said, OK! So here is my attempt to throw that together. My brother has yet to even start!

I did learn it, mostly, after about 2 weeks but only just now getting around to recording. Its a fun song, not too difficult so anyone having done the B2B course should have no problem.

Only challenge was getting a good take! Took me 5 tries to get this one, and it may have 1 or 2 mistakes, as they say, “Just keep playing! Nobody will notice!”
I bet some of you will.


Yeah, baby! Give it the works!


It’s about damn time to kick off 2023 with one funky groove.
There is slap & pop in the original but I just can’t slap, so…I improvised with some agressive playing, active bass EQ, DAW EQ and a $hit ton of practice.
This song is really, really fun to play (which is good cause it took me a long time to get it about damn close to the original).
I was targeting this song for my 3-year bassaversary in 2-weeks, but, it came together today so here it is.

@kristine and others know my love for Lizzo runs deep, now even more so…

Fender Marcus Miller Signature Jazz Bass (I really love this bass!)
Active Bass & Treble boosted on bass
EQ in DAW boosted at 50Hz and 1.78KHz
Bass double tracked in DAW for more presence and fullness
CLA-76 & CLA-3A compressors


Smooth and funky AF @John_E! Your alternative to slapping worked for me (I’m not ready for slapping yet). It sounds like a fun track to play to!


Great way to start off the New Year @John_E… Don’t know the song, but you had my “toes-a-tappin” to the bass line beat!! Some Top Shelf shit happenin’ there with that bass tone!


Thanks @stevesilver925
Thanks @Lanny - the preamp/pickups in this bass are fantastic. This is only the second Fender bass I have left stock, that tone is why.


Wow, that’s a huge one to start the '23 season :grin:

Huge tone really, maybe even a bit too much compressed for my ears. But the tone is great from A to Z, also an excellent mix.

Excellent one @John_E !


Funkay! @John_E love the crispness of the octave and the slide is just delicious. Great first cover of the year.


Noted @terb
I did inch the compressors up a bit more than normal here. Good to know I found an “edge”. This is helpful. Thank you.


Thanks @terb lets shoot for 300 this year.


Exceptional cover @John_E
Obviously you don’t find that the pickup cover restricts your playing? I had to remove mine.
Slightly off topic but what do I need to listen to to judge the compression fine tuning @terb and @John_E ? I’m afraid to say I still just pick up my bass and play without fully understanding stuff like this


Oh you’re very welcome :slight_smile: the compressor setting is something hard to set. too low it’s not enouth, too much it’s … too much :smiley: but yeah it’s hard really to find the sweet spot. The trap is that if you set it too hard, it will make you sound huge … but not in a natural way.

So I’d say that if you don’t know, it’s better to set it a bit lower.

Just my 2 cents. Just trying to help.


hard to say really, maybe @howard would have better words than mines but, for me, “too much compression” is when I feel that something is pushing too hard into my ears. Might sound really strange but that’s my trigger.


Great cover John! Never heard the song before but I enjoyed that funky groove even without the slapping. Very nicely done!