Post your covers! (2024)

Very well done Bumblejazz! Not my kind of music, but very well played.

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Great first video FiftyTzent! Well done.

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Very nicely done sunDOG! Tapping my feet to this one.

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Thank you, Antonio! Very thoughtful feedback.
I recorded this directly from my audio interface, no modification to the sound at all.
Didn’t really notice all these nuances! I’ll be sure to experiment with my sound production :smiley:


Welcome to the forum and great job on your first cover! Is that a Sire V3 I spy?

Maybe head over to this thread and introduce yourself? Great to have you here with us!


I’ve enjoyed all of your videos (though they are plentiful enough that I don’t always manage to say so), but I have to say that these last couple have been especially fun to watch. Kudos to your young videographer!


Thank you @fennario for the warm welcome!
Truth be told, I’ve been here for a while now, graduated B2B around a year ago, but just joined this post specifically.

And yes, it is indeed a Sire V3! I’ve grown in and out of love of the Jazz bass tone, but recently I ventured to find something relatively versatile, and also cool looking, and this white-n-black V3 caught my eye! :smiley:


She is, @TheMadBassist! I had to bribe her as she was embarrassed! I did tell her that it was part of her job description to be embarrassed with her father!

The Sonics are great, @JerryP!

I’ve passed on your praise, @fennario!

Thank you all for you comments! I’m sure you’ll be glad to know there’s yet more Sonics to come :joy:


Half of parenting is about embarrassing the kids! My son is almost 25 and I embarrassed him in front of his GF a couple weeks back haha :joy: it never gets old


I’ve got a 25 and 27 year old (I started young). Besides embarrassing them, one of my greatest joys now that they’re both adults, is finding new and interesting ways to make them cringe. It never gets old. In fact, in some ways it gets better the older they get.


How about a little Blues?
B. B. King - I’ll Survive

Signal Chain:
Scarlett 2i2 DAI
Reaper DAW w/plugins
CLA-76 compressor
VEQ4 equalizer
TLA-100A limiter
Amplitube SVX-155 amp sim

Please enjoy and thanks for watching.


Enjoying it presently, nice cover @JerryP !

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Sounds good buddy!!

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@fennario , @TheMadBassist
Thanks guys!

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Jerry, killin’ it. Great playing and really quality sound. I find myself watching a lot of the covers that people post to learn as best I can. Your finger dexterity and technique are amazing. I appreciate you guys posting videos. They’re super-helpful and enjoyable to watch.


That’s great, @JerryP!!

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Cool! Your cover motivated me to take some BB King with me on my vacation next week!

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Thank you @Jacob , @sunDOG and @chris_van_hoven .

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Love to see this!! My cat Yuki just started sitting on my lap while I play. Animals are our biggest cheerleaders!


I am a SUPER NOOB…just a couple weeks in. But I’m trying!! Also, this is my cat Yuki. :heart_eyes_cat: inspired by @Justin3 :parrot:

Disclaimer: I swear a lot