Beginner to Badass Reviews? 🎸

First off, thank you @JoshFossgreen for putting this amazing resource together - your friendly teaching style and the concise yet super informative content packed into this course has indeed made me from an absolute beginner, who only picked up a bass four months ago, to someone who’s now able to play along to songs (my original aim), create my own basslines, tentatively transcribe some grooves, and more!

The course is so worth it - it really has all the essential information you need to get started, build good habits and technique, and gain enough music theory knowledge to confidently go off and carry on learning the instrument on your own. I chose the course because as a beginner, I wanted 1) a good practice structure 2) a reliable teacher who I could trust, and 3) to feel that I make tangible progress, and don’t stall or feel discouraged when I get to the ‘tougher’ modules. B2B delivered all this hands down - I genuinely felt inspired the whole time, and whenever there was a more challenging lesson, I just knew I WILL learn how to play this or that groove by trusting Josh’s methods, doing the workouts, and indeed, have fun and cherish the process!

Like others have said, I so wish this course was available when I was a teen, just around 15 years ago - it’s really like working with a teacher that’s physically with you (the amount of times Josh has said ‘remember to keep breathing’ as I’m about to suffocate while trying to play something really fast :joy:) and it’s all very organic and laid-back.

Finally, you feel a real sense of accomplishment at the end of it - provided you put in the work, of course - and for an absolute beginner like me, to be comfortable with the instrument after just four months of practice, it’s such a great feeling. It’s an amazing hobby to have, and has changed my life for the better.

My course highlights, in no particular order - learning what a bass slide is in the very early lessons; being initially baffled by Billy Jean; learning Higher & Higher after four days of dedication and callus-building; the ta-dah moment after learning the C major scale; finding that yes, I could slap and pop if I wanted to (it’s not entirely my thing at the moment!); putting it all together in the final modules, and realising that when I look at the fretboard now, I don’t feel intimidated as I know how to find all the notes with relative ease.


Completed the course today. Enjoyed it and found it very useful. I would absolutely participate in a “next level” course (intermediate or even intermediate into advanced) if one were offered.


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Enter covid 19 … I was looking through the classifieds at guitars to flip and someone was selling a whole load of band equipment including a bass
well after testing it out I couldn’t put it down just banging out some root notes with a pick basically playing it like a guitar .I decided I wanted to be a real bass player and to do that start from the beginning as if I had no prior musical experience, I tried Scott’s lessons ( couldn’t get through the fluff) talk bass I like but not quite right then found bass buzz and instantly clicked with Josh’s style and the way the lessons cover 4 ways to visualise what’s being played - beat ruler - fret dots - tab - notation i come away with the lesson firmly in my memory then noodle away at the workout for a while and build up speed/ finger strength.
I paid by instalments interest free and it was worth every penny .
I can’t vibe with any other online teachers except Josh I just switch off after a few minutes
I would gladly pay upfront for a b2b intermediate - advanced but don’t think it’s on the cards as yet

  • josh teaches you actual songs with tabs not JUsT soundalike stuff with no tab like others due to copyright , also the 50 songs it’s a great add on and fun to try but I have only done a couple as im more interested in jamming its well presented though with the 100% accurate tabs
    Thanks Josh and how about that intermediate course ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks Josh. Great Course. I hit the 30 day intense plan as I had some time between jobs. It was super cool. The best advice was “just keep going”. There were some sessions I really struggled (Michael Jackson, James Brown and the RHCP, as well as the slapping), but keeping going and then returning to it later was great advice. In terms of improvements? I found the slapping very tricky and it kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit, A little more emphasis on the triad would have been useful too as this seems to flow into the improv work a lot. Overall HIGHLY recommended for anyone looking to get into bass (or start playing the bass they bought 25 years ago, as is my case)


Hey Josh, thank you very much for the Beginner to Badass! I learned a lot with you, not only about bass, but also on teaching techniques! You are truly one of the best teachers I had in my life.
Keep the groove! See you mate =)


I tried to learn to play bass in high school, but it was just jamming with some friends, I never really learned technique or theory in any way. I got discouraged by my own inabilities and sold my basses before I even graduated college. Jump forward close to 20 years, I decided to correct that failure. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to really learn anything, but that is where Josh and Bass Buzz came into my life.

I very much enjoyed the course, finished it in 3 easy (for the most part) months. Yeah, there were a few fast workouts that were hard and even frustrating at first, but I got through them all. I feel like I learned a ton, and I now know what I want to go deeper on and how to learn it. This is by far the best money I’ve spent on my bass hobby, and I’d love to take the next course, whenever that may become available.

Thank you Josh, you made a really big impact on my musical life!