Boss Waza Air Bass

This product has really caught my attention. It would feel liberating not sitting at the same desk all day between work and play. Does anybody have any experience with this product? All it does sounds great but does it sound great?

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I will tomorrow when it arrives. :wink:

Will let you know.

Good review on Basstheworld YouTube channel you should check out.


@John_E Reviews talk very positive about it. Still have to see the one you mention.
I just think it should have the same price tag as the guitar version. Or cheaper! After all we only use four strings… :slight_smile: Look forward to hear your hands-on opinion!

I thought you posted something about mixed reviews or is that something else. My brain is mush, sorry.

I saw mixed reviews about connectivity.
Then Gregor (damn Gregor) convinced me otherwise.
Had to at least give them a try, they can always go back if ‘defective’.

(and your brain is not mush, so you good @Barney)


Gregor is responsible for me finally ordering a U Bass. It’s an expensive channel it seems!


He does save me money too, they do a good job of presenting things smartly and at least I can easily tell if something is not for me.

That said, he is responsible for my C4, Gamechanger Plasma and Light pedals and the DG B7K (with the help of this crew here)


Look forward to your review. I tried them and did not have any connectivity problems as I read after the fact. I did like them but I could not get past the price, over $700 CDN after taxes. Just too poor for fun stuff like that.


Changed up and did some fiddling this morning.

My take…
Blows every single other wireless headphone amp away, period.
Checks every box for me.
Just need a case for the thing when I travel.

Has all the effects of a zoom I want (I don’t care about amp/cab sims.

No wires!! Unlike Zoom

Built in tuner (unlike nux.

Is Bluetooth (like my Nux).

Can play along Bluetooth. Like my nux

Has awesome tone shaping (which I don’t like about my nux, which I struggle to find a clean tone with). Preset library’s so far are very good and easily editable (unlike zoom)

And this feature that plants the amp where you want it is killer.

Will be selling my nux for sure.


For those of you who, like me, are wondering what this is about:

Looks very impressive!


This is a good video because Gregor pulls sound from the unit itself through some high tech “ears”.


Thanks for the review. Wish I had the money.

Couple questions from me John.

How is comfort? How does it feel after an hour on your head?

How is the Bluetooth delay? If you play along to a tab video on YouTube, how far off is the sound from the video? Does the sound match the note being played on screen?


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Comfort - fine, except for normal hotness of the vinyl pads and sweaty ear syndrome, etc.
They are replaceable, and may look into that or covers or something.
I think @wellbi has posted a site where you can get replacements.
Even Boss calls them ‘consumables’.

Delay - zero point zero (0.0) via YouTube (just tried as I hadn’t yet).
I ordered a case for them cause these puppies are going everywhere I go.

Sound is out of sight.


HI! Great input! Thank you all a lot. It is definitely on my list. I’d love to have one but it will have to wait.

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I like the sound of them quite a bit too. But I do get some rattles and hiss every now and then. And maybe once a day it just disconnects and I need to unplug from the bass and plug back in.

I do find a Bluetooth delay though. But it was expected. No delay between the bass and headphones. And for the most part, it’s fine, since I am playing music on my computer to play along with…and the delay doesn’t matter. It only matters if trying to play along with ultimate guitar tabs or something with a visual cursor you’re trying to sync with - then it is noticeable.

You can call guitar center and ask them to improve their price on products. I got 15% off on these there.


Whew those aren’t cheap!

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Some things you don’t cheap out on…
Wart Cream
High Tech Stuff You Expect A Lot From


Geez I paid less for some of my basses! LOL


Just picked mine up John @John_E ,
spent 10 minutes mucking around on it, sounds really good, i like the patches, very cool,
Still lots to learn, like trying to import songs to play along with,
Cheers Brian