Show us your amps

Haha, whew! Didn’t want everyone to think it’s like the creepy place in the house haha!

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It sorta sounded like that when you said it at first.

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I see how it would :slight_smile:


trying to repair the old Marshall amp that I was given a few times ago :


Since I posted my pedalboard I might as well show my rig. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The one showing my bass is my current rig, it’s a Fender Rumble amp with a 2x10 cab. For jamming with friends I usually take out the old PJ cub-100 (I used the VOX as well but it’s lacking a bit on the watt department). All the other amps are for my guitar or practice amps that I tried out along the way. The Phil Jones head was a really good (and cheap) deal from Reverb but I’m prob gonna sell that one and the VOX since I am running out of living space …but I have a hard time letting them go :sweat_smile:


How big is that Phill jones cab, it looks tiny. Are those 8" speakers?
I like the look, looks like it would get big, crisp tone.


Those are 2x7" speakers and a 3" tweeter. PJ use some kind of magic of getting big, crisp sound out of small speakers. That piranha bass cab-27 from PJ is awesome and it’s about half the size of my 2x10 cab. Those piranha cabs are a lot more affordable then other PJ cabs and there is also a 4x7" version. The 27 provides 200w/8ohms. If you also like a super clean tone I would defo recommend PJ gear


I mix and match these components depending upon the demands of the room or stage in question.
Hartke HA3500 Head modded with a groove tubes tube that adds a touch more grind to that preamp channel, and a quiet fan that moves the same cfm as the oem fan but without all of the ridiculous wind noise.
Fender Rumble 500 v.3 Head
Fender Rumble 112 Cab, Fender Rumble 210 Cab, a vintage Sonic 112 loaded with a Hempopotamus 12" bass driver.
The pedalboard is simple, Behringer Tuner>Boss Oc2 Octave>Boss CE-B3 Bass Chorus>Hartke Bass Attack VXL Di.
The Di built into the HA3500 is superior to the one in the Rumble head, but I get the best results and more consistently happy sound techs by always using the Bass Attack Di.
It’s everything I could ever need, maybe more.
Oh yeah, a little Fender Champ40 for strumming simple stuff on the Squier Strat.


Nice rig. What about the venue makes you decide to use one head versus the other?

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The Hartke has a very precise EQ section. I can really tame a boomy room or stage with that graphic and the adjustable high and low pass filters. It is also very hi-fi and punchy with it’s dual preamps and adjustable compression. Plugged into the 210 or the 210 and a 112, it’s a great hard rock/prog rock amp. Clean, clean, clean. And LOUD. It seems to sound best when turned up, although that is not always practical.

To me, the Rumble, especially with it’s vintage setting and sometimes the contour setting engaged and pushing a single or a pair of 112s sounds very old school cool. I sometimes mic it up and have that mixed in with my clean Di sound. To my ears, it’s the perfect modern amp for classic r&b, blues, or overdriven 60’s/early 70’s bass sounds. It reminds me a lot of the Ampeg V4-B and 215 cab that I played in my youth, but I’d much rather lift that 5lb Rumble head any day.
If I had to keep only one of the two, I don’t know that I could reach a quick decision. I might lean toward the Rumble just for it’s lightweight, cooler operation, and lower power consumption. And I play that one more often already.


Cool. Thanks for the in depth response.

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After a long time consideration and a little bit rush decision, my excessive ‘practice’ amp arrived today.

My son was waiting all day for me to arrive so the huge package can be opened finally!

Yellow and Red… It is all about fire here :smiley:

I cannot take a photo of the whole corner since it is super messy atm plus I still have to understand how can I best make use of headphones with this amp. Actually that was the rush decision the combo sounded so good at the shop I did not check if there was a headphone output!

I tried connecting XLR Line Out to my DAI but the sound is not high enough on the headphones while I can only turn the master volume 1/8 in the house :smiley:

Does anyone else have this amp? Would a cheap mixer solve this?


You definitely would need equipment to solve this, a load box would do it. If it were me, I would just get a cheap headphone amp like a vox and forget about playing through this one with phones.

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Ohhh nice a Markbass :heart_eyes:

Your DAI solution should work though, is your line out knob on max?


I already have the VOX amp. What I am trying to do is to benefit from the high quality EQ of the Markbass…

That is the real tricky situation. The Focusrite input is getting clipped very quickly even though what I am hearing is very low. So I couldn’t get the Line Out volume knob all the way up. Right now it is on half way while gain on Focusrite is quarter and output volume is maxed…

I notice that it gets clipped on lower pitch notes earlier so maybe it is not the best equipment for monitoring a bass…


I’m positive you should get a solid sound on your focusrite. That is the whole reason why you have a DI out in your amp so that you can plug it in your audio interface. :sweat_smile: The best thing to do is eliminate every option until you find the culprit. Personally I think it could be something with your cable (for example is it TRS and not TS). I did read somewhere that the headphone output on the scarlett is a bit weak, but not as extreme in your situation.

So here goes:

  1. Is it the right cable? Is it plugged in correctly? Maybe similar to what is said in this post:
  2. Does your audio interface needs a firmware update?
  3. Has your computer/DAW done something to your input and output settings of your DAI?

Also I read this somewhere: "On the scarlett there are two volume control knobs on the front of the interface. 1 controls the headphones and 1 controls the monitors. Get the balance between your mic input and instrumental correct in your DAW and then control the volume as suitable for heaphones/monitors. "

Hope this helps. I would do some investigation on the cables and your computer settings first. Good luck! :metal:


@Fahri Congratulations!


My very first amp back when bass playing was merely an “experiment”. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for something I wasn’t sure I would like, so I bought a cheap $89.99 bass and this $33.74 Fender 1 watt “Mini Deluxe” amp.

I was so disappointed with the sound of this thing, I returned it to Amazon and bought a used Rumble 40 on Craigslist. From there I later upgraded to the Rumble 100, and now this: The Rumble 500 amp head and Rumble 115 cab.


now you can create an earthquake around your house.


LOL it sounds great, even at low volume. And I am now totally “gig ready”.