Connecting with local Musicians

Hey guys,

Im a brand new basically trained Bassist. Im just a couple lessons from finishing the course!

Wanted to know how people are connecting with fellow local musicians to Jam or play music? I have no idea where to start. I have one friend who plays drums but our schedules don’t match up very often, im excited to continue learning and growing im having a blast.


Welcome to the bassbuzz forum. Maybe tell us some more about yourself in Introduce Yourself! (2018-2022)

The bassbuzz community is very diverse in age and location so I would not recommend this as the number one place to find local musicians.
What I did when I finished the course and started to get bored was looking for a band in a local musician marketplace (I just googled).

More about it and the journey from start to… now: Shall I contact this band?
It’s been a while since I updated but that’s because of Corona all practice sesions were cancelled… maybe soon we can have a go again.


Hey :wave: , I’m kind of a one man band but I’m hoping to “get out there “ in the next few months , there’s always loads of ads for bassist wanted in the classifieds so maybe worth having a look in your local or maybe put an ad in for like minded guys/ gals to jam with ?
Good luck with it :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Thank you! I appreciate it


Welcome @garron.abernathy44, yes indeed hard to connect here for a band unless you are looking for an experimental band of 157 bassists :laughing:

I have yet to sort this out myself, but something on my to do for the post covid world.


Last year I stopped into a local music store to see about getting a set-up - ended up doing it myself, but while I was there the guy who ran the store mentioned that he had jam sessions at the store… I wasn’t ready to participate, but maybe I’ll stop back in sometime… Anyway, just another avenue for you to consider…


This is a great idea, im going to check in on a place I know thats a smaller music store and check it out


You can try Craigslist also. The thing is trying to find some people at your level and Age.


Good looking out BigAl thanks a lot


16,339 profiles found in Yonkers, NY

Jesus, this is gonna be harder than online dating was!


In addition to the band experience from @juli0r, check these out.

Pay particular attention to the posts from @Vik as he goes from looking for people to play with, joining his first band, playing that first gig, and (sadly) having the band fall apart. It’s an excellent ride.

There will also be stories from @joergkutter @lee_editorial @terb and others in these threads. All great stories and some completely different band experiences. I mention @Vik specifically since he went through all the band drama in such a short period of time.

@Vik if you see this, know you’re missed around here and welcome back at anytime.

For anybody that hasn’t read these threads, I highly recommend them. They’re fun reads.

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Edit: I had to add these…
The Gigs! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Playing with other musicians


Something I couldn’t do, but I’ve heard showing up to an open-mic can work too…

For me, it was friends of friends asking me to play with them, so I lucked out.


Thank you for all these helpful links, I’ve been checking them out i just couldn’t respond for a minute. Cheers!


@eric.kiser Thanks for sharing these posts, and, I hope my journey can give anyone looking to connect with other musicians / join a band, some suggestions! This is kind of a sweet walk down memory lane too, like a diary revisited, and, I miss you guys and gals a bunch too!

My bass has been sitting on the rack for too long, but, somehow, from just diving in that time a couple years ago, I’m so confident that it could be done again, just from B2B and a little practice.

Was thinking about this the other day, listening to the radio, about how bass may really be the one instrument where someone can just dive right into a jamming situation. I feel like now, with all the social restrictions finally thawing out, there’s gotta be both some serious pent-up demand to play with others live, and also for people to just come out to music venues. There’s something about gathering with others, that’s been sorely missed the past year!

@garron.abernathy44 , would love to hear your story as you connect with other local musicians, keep this thread going with your adventures!


I for sure will! Thanks for sharing your stories. I will be getting with my drummer friend soon but for now im jamming to some stuff and celebrating/practicing


I had luck finding musicians at w w w.MusiciansConnect dot net for what it’s worth. It’s like Bandmix but free. Good luck!


Welcome @bill6584