Left handed bass instruments (lefty bass)

Since there really only seem to be two differences in the way left handed bass/guitar players relate to playing, vs. right handers, I thought I’d I’d start this and another thread (“Left handed bass learning resources”) with the idea of highlighting some resources and encouraging others to add more.

  • The first difference is obviously the instrument; left handed players are in the minority, and fewer bass and guitars with left handed orientation are offered than for right handed players. So this thread is dedicated to posting and discussing reviews, videos, and experience of strictly left handed basses.
  • The second difference is how the left handed player learns the bass fretboard and chords, and is the topic of the other thread (which I’ve posted in the Theory category, since it has to do with learning - unless the powers-that-be feel it would be better in another category).

On to the left hand oriented basses! So far, I have found two sites which, although most of the reviews are for left handed guitars, also review left handed bass models:

  • Lefty Guitarist, by one Chris in England. He generally reviews guitars by brand, and within the categories of models within each brand, also features left handed basses, if the company offers any.
  • LeftyFretz.com also offers reviews of left handed basses by brand, as well as other left hand oriented topics for players.

The potential problems with the reviews is two-fold, though: are they kept up-to-date as to what left handed basses are available, and are the reviews adequate?

Do you have any sites or videos you can recommend, or your own experiences? Please post if you do!


Man, thanks for this resource! I’m about to pull the trigger on a bass to get started learning but as a lefty I can’t decide which way to start learning.

The limitations of finding left handed gear certainly doesn’t help.

I feel like I could go either way, but I do see that plucking with my right hand (non dominant) could be an issue down the road.

Any advice?

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Welcome to the forum, Pablo!

I’m just a beginner myself, but from what others have said in other posts in this forum, I’d say the best thing to do would go out and try both left and right handed basses in a store (whenever it’s safe to do so). See which way feels more natural to you, if you’re not sure.

I have said in another post somewhere that the argument that leftys should play right-handed guitars (because their dominant left hand would do the fretting) doesn’t make sense; if so, why wouldn’t rightys be better off playing left-handed guitars?

Just my own experience, but playing left handed, I find it easy to follow Josh’s B2B lessons (or any right handed person playing a bass in a video), because it’s a mirror image and I can follow along.

As to the availability of left handed guitars overall, it is a problem, as well as the color choices (basic black, anyone?). Some companies offer more lefty models than others. But since we are just starting, don’t worry about that. You can find some very nice basses offered in left handed orientation, even if the color isn’t your first choice. It’s just another factor to weigh in your decision.


Oh, forgot to mention: if you look under the “Gear” link at the top right, Josh has reviews for beginner basses and amps. I’m not sure if the models he tested all come in left-handed versions, but there usually are at least some for most companies (except maybe not any for Yamaha currently).

And investing in the Beginner to Badass (commonly abbreviated in the forums as B2B) lessons is really worth it.


That’s funny, I just read your comment about most righties not playing left handed gear.

I think I’m going to try lefty and see how it goes,.

I can hold it both ways and they both feel okay to me, but my hand on the fret board feels almost like a baby learning for the first time, zero strength and coordination.

But then it would be the same with picking, plucking etc, and it seems like most people agree that the picking hand is eventually where a lot of the more complex work ends up as you get further along.

Thanks for the help and guidance brother. I appreciate it.

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Quick other question man, what do you like for a decent mid range bass ($300-500)?

I’m leaning toward a Schecter Stiletto Stealth, the Ibanez SR300E, or maybe an old school type Squier type 60’s Classic Vibe Jaguar or a PJ style bass.

If the Sterling SUB Ray in a lefty came with the dual pickups I’d consider the tone as well. Kinda dig they twangy sound it has, lol.

What do you play?

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Thanks. (I am a “sister” BTW)
I guess I’d say, go with your instinct, and get a beginner model, or maybe used if you want a nicer one. Then, if it doesn’t work out, you can trade or sell it and go the other way. Or borrow a bass to try, if you have a friend that has one to spare.

I may try to research if any of the models Josh tested come in lefty versions. So far it looks like the Cort Action PJ does not.

So sorry, my apologies, lol.

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate the help.

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Btw, I just reeead how many times I referenced you as a he assuming most guys play bass, lol.

Again, I’m very sorry for my caveman’ness. :man_facepalming:t2:

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I think I’m too much of a beginner to advise anyone on which specific bass to buy, sorry! Since you mentioned Schecter, I have seen that the Schecter Stiletto comes in a left handed model, and it looks very nice, but that’s just one among those I’ve seen that appealed to me.

As a beginner, I ended up with an Ibanez Micro, left handed model is GSRM20L, in delightful black. It is short scale, actually ¾ size I think, so not for everyone. But it gets good reviews everywhere I’ve seen. Josh has the Ibanez GSR200 in his beginner list, so the left handed version of that is the GSR200L (in flat walnut), but it didn’t do well in Josh’s ratings. If you can afford a SR300E, check out ratings and reviews for it, and try it out in person. All 3 models seem to be black, and there is a left handed model SR300EBL.

It’s not an uncommon assumption, most bass players are men, so don’t stress about it. All you can do is check profiles before posting, to see if you can figure out if a person is male or female. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will say that on some other forums I’ve visited in the past, being identifiably female has sometimes been a problem, but not here at BazzBuzz. Everyone I’ve seen posting here has been nice and accepting of all.

Ibanez makes good gear at a really good price. Your bass is a good one. Ive seen reviews on it.

For sure, I appreciate it, and it’s pretty awesome to see so many more men and women pick up the bass.

It’s such a cool instrument that has been underrated for way too long.

I was able to get the miKro through Guitar Center during a 15% off sale, which brought the price down to about the same as a right handed model (another problem with left handed guitars/basses is the price). It did take 3 months to arrive, though (ordered in Dec., arrived in Mar.), but I think that was due to the coronavirus situation affecting stock.

I had also ordered a Vox Amplug2 for Bass from my local independent music store, and that took 2 months to arrive - just got it two days ago. Same stocking issue due to virus.

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  • 12 Aug 2021 to incorporate the list, which originally had been broken into several posts, into one post.
  • 5 Oct 2021: added All in One (AIO) Basses, and re-add the inadvertently erased Höfner list; this exceeded the character limit, so I had to break the list into two posts (A-R and S-Y)
  • 8 Oct 2021; added B. C. Rich basses, three models, under “B”
  • 16 Oct 2021; added 8 and 12 string models to Schecter list (in reply post)
  • 23 Oct 2021; added three Eastwood LH models
  • 8 Jan 2022; added one Epiphone LH model

I’m going to try to post lists of companies that sell basses in left handed models. I’ll try to keep the lists up to date, but I suppose it will be a moving target. This is what I have so far (alphabetical order, so may do in a series of posts), on the company websites as of 8 July 2021. “PG” = pick guard
Note: 16 July 2021, added § symbol for Short Scale models (< 31")

This post: brands with names starting with A-R; will post a reply for brands S-Y

All in One Guitars (AIO) Basses Note: as of 5 Oct 2021, Wolf KTB 5 and 6 string Green and Blue burst LH models were sold out

  1. AIO Wolf KTB-5 Fretless, 34", 5 string, Green Burst, Red Burst, no PG
  2. AIO Wolf KTB-6 Fretless, 34", 6 string, Green Burst, Red Burst, Blue Burst, no PG
  3. AIO Wolf KTB-6, 34", 6 string, Green Burst, no PG
  4. AIO Wolf S7-6 Fretless, 35", 6 string, Natural, no PG
  5. AIO Wolf S10-6 Fretless, 35", 6 string, Walnut, no PG

Aria: none found in any series

Bacchus (Japan; dealers in some countries) (added on 13 July 2021) Color names were not shown in English, so I made my best guess to describe the colors. Per Bacchus FAQ, pricing goes as follows: Most accesible >> Universe series - Global series - Craft series - Custom series - Handmade series << Highest-end)

  1. Global Series “Woodline” WL-4340-LH (matching headstocks on all but Brown Sunburst, which has a black headstock), 34", 4 string, Reddish Sunburst, Dark Blue, Ivory (latter with white pearloid PG), Brown Sunburst, Black, Light Blue, Red, Ivory (these with tortoise shell PG)
  2. Global Series “Woodline” WL-434 MAHO / M-LH (matching headstocks), 34", 4 string, Transparent Blue, Black, clear PG
  3. Craft Series “Woodline” WL4-Ash LH (matching headstocks), 34", 4 string, Black, Natural, White pearloid PG.
  4. Universe Series BJB-1R LH, 34", 4 string, Red, Sunburst, Med. Blue, Black, White, Dark Blue; White PG on all but White bass, which has black PG
  5. Global Series BJB-800 LH, 34", 4 string, Sunburst, Black, Ivory White; Tortoise-shell PG (may be a discontinued model)

B. C. Rich (added 8 Oct 2021; debated on whether to put this under “B” or “R,” chose “B”) I found these listed at the LeftyFretz website; the B.C. Rich site does not show them, but LeftyFretz says they are available. I will add them here for completeness. Prices are in the low to mid $1,000s.

  1. Widow Legacy 4 Bass, 34", 4 string, Onyx (gloss black), no PG
  2. Widow Legacy 5 Bass, 35", 5 string, Onyx (gloss black), no PG
  3. Heritage Classic Mockingbird Bass, 34", 4 string; Tobacco Burst, Transparent Red, or Natural Koa; no PG
  4. Chris Kael Signature Warlock, 34", 4 string; Satin White, Satin Black; no PG


  1. B5 Plus AS, 34", 5 string, Open Pore Natural color, no PG
  2. Action Bass Plus, 34", 4 string, Transparent red, black, blue metallic (not sure if all available for LH), no PG

D’Angelico: none shown for 2021.
NOTE: one year ago, D’Angelico acquired the Supro and Pigtronic companies, with plans to continue making their products. Supro had produced guitars and basses in recent years, as well as amplifiers. Worth keeping an eye on, in case Supro comes out with any left handed basses, as their previous models got good reviews (the Supro website currently says they are in the process of rebuilding their line of guitars).


  1. § Longhorn Bass, 29.75", 4 string


  1. Acoustic/Electric Bass CAW Lefty SN, 34", 4 string, Satin Natural, no PG
  2. Edge 09 Classic Black Lefty, 34", 4 string, Black, no PG; matching black headstock

Dingwall (ready to play, vs. custom; LH models per FAQ)

  1. NG Adam “Nolly” Getgood Signature, multi-scale; length varies; available with 4, 5, & 6 strings; Gloss Metallic Black, Matte Ducati Pearl White, Gloss Black Forest Green, Matte Gold Metallic; black carbon fiber print PG
  2. Combustion, multi-scale, length varies; available with 4, 5, & 6 strings; Natural (ash), Matte Gold, Ultra Violet; Quilt maple top: 2 tone Blackburst, Vintageburst, Indigoburst, Whalepoolburst, 10th Anniversary Amethystburst; matte black PG

Eastwood produces some very unique models:

  1. § Classic 4, 30.5", 4 string, Walnut, looks like Ivory or Cream PG
  2. § Airline Pocket, 26.5", 4 string, Sunburst
  3. § Airline Map, 30.5", 4 strings, Black, White PG
  4. § Sidejack, 30", 6 strings, Vintage Cream, Black PG
  5. EUB-1, 34", 4 string, Sunburst, Black PG
  6. EEB-1, 34", 4 string, Sunburst, Black PG
  7. § Eastwood Newport, 30.5", 4 string, Cherry, White PG
  8. § Warren Ellis, 30.5", 4 string, Black, Tortoise-shell PG
  9. § EB-1 Bass LH, violin-style, 30.5", 4 string, Natural Mahogany, no PG [has f-holes, seems hollow]
  10. Eastwood Magnum Bass LH (coming soon), 34", 4 string, Sunburst, Black PG
  11. Backlund Rockerbox Bass LH, 32", 4 string, Red/Creme, plastic PG with brushed metal-looking finish

Epiphone no LH basses shown, amended on 8 Jan 2022: Thanks to cbaray, although I did not find on the Epiphone website, cbaray pointed out that Sweetwater offers a left-handed

  1. Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass, 34", 4 string, Metallic Gold color only, Cream PG; (more details at the Epiphone page, but not showing that LH is available)

Ernie Ball Music Man see “Music Man” heading in a following post; but basically no EBMM in 2021

ESP (only in LTD; most reviewed at Lefty Guitarist; none in Signature, Thinline, or ESP E-11 series) NOTE: Some ESP LTD prices have increased since I first posted this list, which I noticed on 12 Aug. 2021

  1. LTD B-204SM, 34" 4 string, Spalted Maple, PG n/a
  2. LTD B-205SM, 34" 5 string, Spalted Maple, PG n/a
  3. LTD AP-4 Black Metal, 34", 4 string, Black Satin, PG n/a
  4. LTD AP-4, 34", 4 string, Pelham Blue, black PG N/A on website as of Jan. 2022
  5. LTD AP-5, 34", 5 string, Pelham Blue, black PG N/A on website as of Jan. 2022
  6. LTD B-206SM, 35", 6 string, Spalted Maple, PG n/a
  7. LTD D-4, 34", 4 string, Burled Poplar, PG n/a
  8. LTD D-5, 34", 5 string, Burled Poplar, PG n/a
  9. LTD Surveyor '87, 34", 4 string, Black w/black headstock, ebony fingerboard, black PG
  10. LTD Deluxe, Phoenix-1004, 34", 4 string, Black w/black headstock, ebony fingerboard, black PG

EVH: no basses in left handed orientation

Fbass: Canadian custom builder of basses, and expensive, with 10% added cost for LH orientation for their five models (AC, AC Classic, BN, Deluxe BN, and VF)

Fender / Squier (* = reviewed at Lefty Guitarist)

  1. *Squier Classic Vibe '60s Precision Bass 34", 4 string, Sunburst, Tortoise-shell PG
  2. *Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass, 34", 4 string, Black, Black PG
  3. Fender Player Precision Bass, 34", 4 string; 3-color Sunburst, Black, Polar White, Tidepool; White PG on all colors
  4. Fender Player Jazz Bass, 34", 4 string, 3-color Sunburst, Black, Polar White, Capri Orange; Parchment PG
  5. Fender American Professional II Jazz, 34", 4 string, 3-color Sunburst w/tortoiseshell PG, Dark Night w/Black PG?, Miami Blue w/White PG, Olympic White w/ tortoiseshell PG
  6. Fender American Professional II Precision Bass, 34", 4 string, 3-color Sunburst w/tortoiseshell PG, Black w/White PG, Olympic White w/tortoiseshell PG


  1. § Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass, 30.5", 4 strings, Worn Cherry, Black PG

G&L Guitars (not sure how I even found them on the website!)

  1. L-2000 ‘Lefty’, 34", 4 string, 3-tone Sunburst, no PG
  2. § Tribute Series Fallout Shortscale Bass, 30", 4 string, Candy Apple Red; White pearloid PG


  1. GP Left Handed Electric Bass Guitar [bass + bag + strap + cord + plectrum + wrench tool, $99.99], 34", 4 string, Burlywood, Sunset (sunburst); White PG

Godin: no left handed basses (basses are acoustic/electic)

Gretsch none found at site


  1. § Starfire I Lefty (Newark St. Collection), 30.75", 4 string, Cherry Red, no PG


  1. § Swede Bass, 30.75", 4 strings, Wild Cherry Transparent, no PG
  2. § Viking Bass, 30.75", 4 string, Tobacco Sunburst; Black w/white edge PG

Note: 16 July 2021, added § symbol for Short Scale models (< 31")
Continuing with the rest of the “H” companies and on:

Harley Benton

  1. § PB-Shorty LH BK Standard Series, 30", 4 string, Black high gloss, PG white w/black edge
  2. PB-20BK LH Standard Series, 34", 4 string, Black high gloss, PG white w/black edge
  3. JB-20 SB LH, 34", 4 string, 3-tone Sunburst high gloss, PG white w/black edge
  4. PB-50 LH FR Vintage Series, 34", 4 string, Fiesta red, white PG
  5. PB-50 LH SB Vintage Series, 34", 4 string, Sunburst, black PG
  6. B-450LH BK Progressive Series, 34", 4 string, Black gloss & black hardware, no PG
  7. JB-75MN LH NA Vintage Series, 34", 4 string, Natural high-gloss, black PG
  8. JB-75MN LH SB Vintage Series, 34", 4 string, 3-tone Sunburst high gloss, black PG
  9. RB-414 LH CS B-Stock, 34", 4 string, Cherry sunburst (black w/white in Apr. '21), white PG
  10. PB-50 LH SB Vintage Series, 34", 4 string, Sunburst, black PG

Höfner Note: Ignition Violin models for the U.S. market (besides the Pro Edition Ignition LE shown below), include the SE, Cavern SE, and Transparent Black SE, and are not available in LH

  1. HCT 500/1L-SB CT LH NC Contemporary Violin, 30", 4 string, Black, white pearl PG model apparently not on the Höfner website as of 5 Oct. 2021
  2. § H500/1-61L-0 ‘Cavern’ Bass LH, 30", 4 string, Sunburst, white pearl PG
  3. § H500/1-61L-RLC 61 Violin Bass Vintage LH, 30", 4 string, Vintage finish, no PG
  4. § H500/1-62L-0 McCartney reissue ‘Mersey’ LH, 30", 4 string, Flame maple sunburst, white pearl PG
  5. § H500/1-63L-RLC-0 Relic 63 LH Violin Bass, 30", 4 string, Vintage finish, no PG
  6. § H500/1-64L-0 Violin bass LH, 30", 4 string, Sunburst, white pearl PG
  7. § HOF-HI-BB-PE-L-SB Pro Edition Ignition LH, 30", 4 string, Sunburst, white pearl w/black edge PG
  8. § H500/2-L-0 Club bass LH, 30", 4 string, Sunburst, White or Cream Pearl PG

Ibanez (re-added on 23 Jan. 2022, when I noticed it was missing)

  1. SR505EL, 34", 5 string, Brown Mahogany, no PG
  2. SR300EBL, 34", 4 string, Weathered Black, no PG
  3. SR305EBL, 34", 5 string, Weathered Black, no PG
  4. GSR200BL, 34", 4 string, Walnut Flat, no PG
  5. TMB100L, 34", 4 string, Black, tortoise (brown pearl?) PG
  6. § GSRM20L (“miKro”), 28.6", 4 string, Black, no PG

Lindo (made in England)

  1. PDB Purple Dove , 34", 4 strings, Purple, no PG (comes with either padded gig bag or hard case)

Music Man (either Ernie Ball or Sterling)

  1. Sterling , 34", 4 string; Scarlet Red* (white PG), Vintage Blue (black PG)[*Scarlet Red shown as discontinued on 8 July 21; “new colors coming soon”] (reviewed at LeftyGuitarist.com)

Revelation Added on 18 July 2021 (UK-based, also sold in N. America in Ontario, Canada) Starting with the only 6 string short scale bass that I’m aware of:

  1. § RJT-60 B, 30", 6 string, Vintage White, Tortoiseshell PG
  2. RBJ-67 DLX, 34", 4 string, Natural (American Swamp Ash), White pearloid PG
  3. RPB-65, 34", 4 string, Sunburst, Tortoiseshell PG

Rickenbacker - LeftyFretz.com says there are left handed models, but the Rickenbacker site seems to have hidden them from me. The supposed lefty models are 4003 and 4003S.

See my reply to this post for brands S-Y


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Thank you, @Never2Late . . . :slight_smile:

Posts like this are informative and really help our Forums!

Great work . . . :+1:



I just thought I’d check it all out, ended up with a long list, so wanted other lefties to benefit. When I see others mention a bass in other threads, I make a note and check to see if that brand makes left handed models.

It’s tough when you’re reading a thread, and people are going on and on about how great a brand or model is, but you know it doesn’t come in a left handed version.
C’est la vie, I guess! :woman_shrugging:


Moved the content of this post to incorporate it into the first list above.


Sandberg has all their models available as lefties, without price adaptation :blush:
“Sandberg Guitars | Configurator” https://configurator.sandberg-guitars.de


Thank you Krescht. I had seen that, and also several others that do custom work and offer LH models as an option (just got through looking at Surh basses). Sometimes it’s hard to find on the maker’s sites. I am torn about putting custom bass brands in the list, but will probably add them in their own post, after I get through the other “on the shelf” models this weekend.