Multiple Bass Disorder (MBD)

Multiple Bass Disorder (MBD) is a common disease among bass players that is closely related to Gear Acclamation Syndrome (GAS). I have over time began to realize that this disorder runs rampant on this forum!!:rofl::joy:


I don’t think many people here have Bass Deficiency Condition. Multiple basses goes with the territory, eh?

And yes, I’m already blessed with 3 basses but about to buy another one.


Apparently my wife has names for each of my bass’s… Eenie; Meenie; and Miney…

She says that I don’t need no Moe…


I confessed to my wife this morning. She wasn’t in the least bit bothered - or surprised. She was quite cool about it and merely pointed out that I could sell my other 2 electric bases to cover the cost.

“Yes, dear.”


Sounds like you just found a name for that new bass!


I think a good chunk of the disorder is that we view instruments not only as tools but also art. I know I’ve felt that way all my life. Years before I even tried to play a bass or guitar, I remember always being enamored with the different shapes and styles of guitars. I remember telling people, if I had money I didn’t know what to do with. I’d line my walls in guitars.


Well spoken, and I agree, @ChrisThomason . . . :+1:

I don’t play my Gibson much, but I enjoy looking at it next to my desk . . . :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


Hallelujah! Glad I’m not the only one! I ordered my very first bass on October 11, 2019, and not even three months later I’m five basses in. My wife thinks I’ve lost my damn mind and I’m starting to believe her. Truth be told I’m 100% about aesthetics right now because I honestly don’t know what sounds good or bad yet, so I’ve bought what is visually appealing to me and it gives me much more encouragement to want to practice. So many beautiful instruments out there and I seem to want them all.


1.66 (repeating of course) basses a month is a reasonable clip. :crazy_face:


DAMN @rickpalacios1973!! I’ll bet you just set a damn BassBuzz Record!! And I thought @PeteP was sick as hell with his recent numerous acquisitions!! Are you two in a “Bass Race” or somethin’??:rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


Hehe, this might indeed be a bit over the top… I mean, you probably should consult a professional about that :grin:

And your wife is a trooper, for sure!!

Joke aside, I understand the aesthetic appeal and that having these beautiful basses around can be a good motivation to practice. However, I would start to feel like I was “neglecting” some of my basses if I had that many; I mean, keeping them “happy” can start to become stressful :rofl:


I only have 4 basses (once the latest arrives), and they were acquired over the last 5+ years. Ok, so I have acoustic and electric 6 strings, but they don’t count.

I do have a problem with drum kit cravings, but that’s a different story.


Okay, I have a question. No offense meant and I’m not trying to squash anybody’s fun. I’m legitimately curious about this.

For those that have multiple basses, why not invest in more pedals, amps, etc., instead?

I get that musical instruments are beautiful and I would love to have them hanging all over my walls. There is, generally, a financial limit to that endeavor. Particularly when compared to what you can get for your money if buying other types of new equipment to experiment with.


I think it’s a legit question - I’ve actually been contemplating this lately! I’m totally in love with my Ibanez SR870, my new Rumble 500 amp, and my 1 pedal, the Zoom B1 four. I have to say, my GAS is pretty squelched (for now!), as this is some really decent equipment. Now I’m at a point where I feel I just need to learn to play better, and learn what this gear is even capable of, before buying more. I’ve been kind of humbled by musicians I play with, who I let try out my bass, and they’re really good! And their own gear isn’t so great, but, damn, they can play! Kind of embarrassing, actually, as I’m still relatively new!

I started putting $$ into a monthly “bass budget” awhile back, since I knew I was getting hooked. Now, I’m more into spending it on studio time with the new bandmates, maybe one day even figuring out how to professionally record with them, or maybe on promoting our band through social media (or forming my own band, after we have our fights, haha). Or maybe just more lessons, or, just something besides gear for a bit!

But I still love looking at what others want and get, so keep posting it :wink:


Absolutely, this. :arrow_up:
I do love seeing the stuff people get. I was just curious what motivates people to make different decisions.


My GAS has all been for gear since I love my bass and am totally happy with it.

But now that my pedalboard is basically done I have been considering if I want a second bass for BEAD.


For me the reason would be (other than the aesthetic appeal of each bass) playing a different bass is a different experience and sound but only requires slinging a different guitar over your shoulder, but having an array of pedals or a massive board adds dozens of buttons and thousands of combinations to understand. Frankly I just find that too much like hard work.

I know that folk with plenty of skill & experience still get GAS, but I suspect guitar GAS is more prevalent in beginners because we tend to begin with the cheapest bass we can get, realise it’s really not that good and feel it’s holding us back (which sometimes it is the reason, sometimes it isn’t), and then go chasing up the price range until we find something we’re happy with - which probably coincides with getting better over time anyway. In my case I chased the price bracket up the way and got to the Epiphone T-bird which really is a nice bass, but then discovered the Peavey Millennium is nice for me to play, but still felt it wasn’t quite right. I’ve taken a jump up the rankings (I hope) with the Yamaha TRBX504 but was still tempted to go up another price step to try to get ahead of the curve.

Of course, what beginners often find if they try to skip straight to a highly rated instrument is that it’s too fast or subtle or specialised for them. When I order a custom Fodera next month I’ll let you know about that.

(only kidding)

(I hope)



Seriously though the 504 is a fully capable gigging instrument, you could play in any band you wanted with it. You made a good choice.


Totally legit question, @eric.kiser - and a deep one, too, once you start thinking about it…

For me personally, it is a very “irrational” process; in fact, a surprisingly irrational process so far… which, however, I usually try to rationalize (after the fact, or for my wife :grin:). Even though I see myself as more of a “head/mind” person, I found that there is a very solid, corporeal connection that I get to an instrument like the bass, with its solid woods, sturdy mechanics, stuff moving, shiny lacquers etc etc.

I find I don’t have that with amps or pedals (yet)…

Yeah, it is a crazy expensive hobby, and I can totally see how one might get in a situation where one has suddenly committed to financial “burdens” because of this hobby, perhaps well outside of what is advisable or responsible for their current economic situation…

When I bought my third bass (used), it was partly to compensate for frustrations with another bass, which I ordered, but still haven’t got (you all know the story by now), and I “rationalized” it by planning to sell my beginner P-bass instead, which, however, never happened, and probably never will - so, no rhyme or reason there at all, really just mostly “feelings”…

I can’t even get myself to cancel that order of the bass that might or might not ever arrive… how feeble and totally under the spell of these damn, beautiful things is this really??? :crazy_face::rofl:


Well, assuming we like each other. When I was looking at basses a couple of years ago (pre-Tbird) I realised that I liked thinner ‘jazz style’ necks, but I’ve read a few folk who are used to that say that the 504 - and Yamaha in general - go for even thinner than most. Lots of comparison with Ibanez, which is another brand that I’ve liked the look of for a long time.