Song 3 - “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley

That’s right. It’s time to get crazy! Love this song, so looking forward to this one!

Song: Crazy
Artist: Gnarls Barkley
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

Spotify link

For a backing track with bass removed, please contact @gcancella


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Also, as always, we’re on Discord with the printable tabs, backing tracks, and discuss the track as well. We can’t openly put those things on here because of grey-area legal concerns. Feel free to join us if you so desire. Josh chimes in sometimes as well if we need an expert opinion. Certainly not mandatory if chat isn’t your thing though! This thread will be active as well like the other two have and I’ll bring any useful information over to here.


Guess I’ll go first again. :slight_smile: As I mentioned earlier I recorded this too on the same day as ABITW and BMR, so still wearing the same T-shirt.

Apologies to my fans in North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Iran, the video has been blocked there due to copyright claims.


Sounds nice and smooth, @akos . . . :+1:



Smashed it again! :slight_smile:

Guess we’ll see a new shirt on the next one. Shame your millions of fans in North Korea, Cuba, Syria, and Iran won’t be able to see it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward to playing Crazy. How did you find the difficulty in relation to the first two songs?


Well I already knew the song, it was literally the first full song I learned on bass. In all my excitement I even made a thread about it last year, see here.

The challenges are the same as always: getting my fingers under control (you can see my pinky flying all over the place sometimes) and timing (I was a bit off in a couple of places). Too bad I didn’t make a recording of my first playthrough in that thread last year, it would have been interesting to compare the two.


Great job…live that guitar…is it the Duff McKagan signature ?


Yep. But it’s no longer with me, had to return it unfortunately. Currently waiting for it to be back in stock.


Fixed the camera so back to right-handed. Still mastering the mixing part of the video. I’m a little hard of hearing so that may be some of the problems. Thanks for watching. Enjoyed playing “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and Thanks for the feedback.


I still need to get familiar with the score, but it sounded very good to me. Loved the tone too. Well done. Mixing seemed good. Are you using the one with the bass stripped out of it?

I’ve never seen anyone play with the bass between their legs like that, but whatever works for you. You do look comfortable. :slight_smile: For me, I’d rest it on a leg to take some weight off my neck and back though.


Thanks @akos and @BigAl for leading us off, great work. I’m really enjoying everyone’s interpretations. Looking forward to the other submissions.


In an attempt to come close to the tone of the song, I started reading around about it. To find that the Bass line wasn’t played on a bass. It was sampled from a 1968 Italian spaghetti western called Preparati la bara! or Prepare the Coffin! The sample was sped up and pitch shifted then dropped into the Gnarls version. Having listened to the original it was played on a guitar and was played using a pick. So in the spirit of adventure I forced myself to use a pick and work on my palm muting (@howard would be proud!)
I’ve included the original soundtrack sample at the end of the video for those who might be interested plus there’s a bonus for the first person to name all the photo references. (Disclaimer there is no actual prize, just bragging rights). Cheers Amigos.


I can tell how much you enjoy playing this one (I saw that cheeky smile). And it is fantastic that you learned more about the song. I learned something today for sure. And your bass playing and the palm muting and pick playing sounds incredible. Lovely tone. And your video editing is very impressive too! All around amazing job on this one Barney.


I had a bad Injury. I had to adjust my playing and move to short scale because of my fretting hand would not reach on 34’ scale.

Uploading: FB_IMG_1600704118609.jpg…
I’m all healed up but have many problems with the injuries. I just love to play that my medicine.


Wow, sorry to hear that, but glad playing the bass gives you some joy. It is similar for me actually. I have some medical conditions and when I play bass, I don’t even notice them. Get better soon.


I’m all healed up. I’ll never be back to normal but you just got to deal with hand that you’ve been dealt. I just had to adjust my playing style and thank God they make short-scale bass guitars. I’m just an old dog trying to learn some new tricks. :joy::rofl::wink:


brings a tear to my eye


What GREAT tone @akos!!!
Wowsa, well done!


A crazy bass for the Crazy song!
Great job @BigAl


@Barney…i went and grabbed a pick at first trying to get the tone then realized i suck at picks, for another time I guess.

You really nailed that tone and that beginning ‘pluky’ sound.